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Oscar Nominated Actress Keira Knightley Wows in Flower Inspired Gown

Posted by Suzie Canale on Thu, Feb 26, 2015

The tables weren’t the only place flowers were inspired at this year’s 87th Oscar Night festivities! Infamous costume and wardrobe designers were also utilizing the gift of floral themed patterns, which even made their way to the red carpet.  Keira Knightley was one of the actresses who was not only praised for her performance in “Begin Again” that hit box offices over the summer but also wowed onlookers in her stunning gown that received quite a reaction.  Although Knightly was in attendance to support the film’s nomination for Best Song, the actress found an overwhelming standing ovation for her dress choice, which is quickly urging tailors to continue this trend.  Why was this frock so special?  Not only did the cut and shape accentuate and flatter Knightley’s very pregnant belly, but also perpetuated a softer, womanly style that many say Hollywood has been waiting to return to.  Too often, starlets shed their clothes for a sexy, sleek appearance instead of selecting designs that present the classic beauty that the silver screen began with. Here are the details of the ingenious creation by Valentino.

 keira_knightley                                                photo credit: NY Times

For starters, the dress couldn’t have been made in any more of a romantic color that was sewn with blush pink and peach silk toile.  Embroidered delicately up and down the front and back were stitched flowers of posies, a favorite of many flower lovers.  The stems were woven in forest and mint green while the heads and petals were designed in silver, red and pastel pink.  The pretty floral touches weren’t the only beautiful detail either.  Written in black script, French wording was also added, striking across the sheath and diagonally.  Flowing freely around the actress’s feet as she walked the red carpet, the simple yet stunning natural fall of the gown did wonders for Knightley’s glamorous entrance.  Originally the pattern had been constructed to hide the upcoming birth of her first child with husband, James Righton.  The illusion was successful although photographs shooting the side of the 29-year-old brunette gave her condition away. 

 1424660908_keira-knightly-flashes-baby-bump-at-oscars-2015-4                                              photo credit: www.ok.co.uk

If the dress isn’t enough to impress you, how about the floral crown that Knightley brilliantly accessorized with?  Setting perfectly on her head of long brown locks, the headband encircled her hairstyle, which was also gentle in appearance being only primped with soft spiral curls that hung past her shoulders.  The band of buds matched the petals that were featured on her dress and accentuated the natural beauty that Keira Knightly has impressed the movie world with.  The actress has ignited a huge flower fad in the fashion world and has also successfully shown Hollywood that her classic face, image and wardrobe choice is still the glamorous way to go!

Suzie Canale, Westwood, MA

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2015 Flowers at The Oscars Parties

Posted by Suzie Canale on Tue, Feb 24, 2015

Once again, Oscar night managed to dazzle millions as we all tuned in to watch our favorite stars receive their awards of recognition.  An evening filled with fabulous costumes, glamorous hairstyles and exquisite décor, this beloved movie tradition has maintained its reputation of being one of the most anticipated events of the year.  One of the reasons is because of the sheer creativity that goes into planning the party including the jobs of the sound technicians, lighting experts and most importantly, the floral experts.  Once again, Mark’s Gardens of Sherman Oaks, California, managed to steal the post celebration party scene for flowers incorporating spectacular pieces throughout the location inspiring new styles that left many in awe.  Diverging from last year’s presentation of mixed bouquets, the clever florist decided to add a chic and bold theme to the 78th annual Oscar festivities. 


                                photo credit: Mark's Garden Facebook Page

The vases that were made for the guest’s dining tables were truly a site to behold due to their electric color and soothing shape.  Utilizing orchids, roses and ranunculus, the team manifested both high and low mounds of single variety blossoms in a rounded design.  The color scheme was both attractive and sophisticated ranging from vibrant red and yellow to electric green and pink.  The mix and -match combinations worked well in the dimly lit room and added a pop of drama that complicated the linens, wall color and wardrobes of the actors.  Retro lighting goblets with raised emblems that were tucked in between the arrangements also completed the look by casting a glowing light on the settings.  This old Hollywood style came off as a hit where the room also featured antique portraits of famous movie stars, reminding all in attendance of the honor to be present for such a treasured event. 

 oscars_flowers                                           photo credit: Mark's Garden Los Angeles, CA

Another fabulous floral creation that was erected was a bed of ruby red roses that served as a stage for the Oscar statue mounted outside of the Dolby Theater.  The breathtaking display greeted the red carpet parade and inspired others who waited outside anxiously.  The statue was flattered by the mess free design and benefited from the particular shade of the blooms.  Differing from the burgundy roses used within the table centerpieces, this variety reflected a perky pink, which was a perfect accessory for the high standing luminous gold Oscar as well as kicking off the celebrations with a magnificent bang.


                                            photo credit: Mark's Garden, Los Angeles CA

This year, Mark’s Garden’s did not disappoint and held worth of the glamour and glitz Oscar night always promises to deliver.  We can’t wait to see what he creates next year! 

Suzie Canale, Westwood, MA

Suzie's favorite night for TV is Oscar night. Like some celebrate the Oscars, Suzie celebrates the Oscars.

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Surviving This Boston Winter by Snowshoeing

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Feb 20, 2015

We are midway through the winter season and some of us are starting to get a little stir crazy from being house bound but did you know that Boston has some terrific ways to beat the blues?  No, it’s not a cake recipe or a yet another Netflix movie but a way to get up and start utilizing Mother Nature’s seasonal attributes!  Finding a winter activity is one of the most important tasks to complete if you’re planning on calling New England your home year round.  For some it can be gliding across a frozen pond or for others, a powder-covered hill to ski down is what keeps a happy smile across their face in February.  For others selecting a sport complimentary of the season can prove to be quite difficult.  What can we do that requires little investment for equipment, low maintenance for planning at the last minute and doesn’t insist speeding down a mountain or sheet of ice at 80 miles per hour?  Well, I might just have the answer for you-snowshoeing!


                                             photo credit llbean.com

Yes, snowshoeing is making a giant comeback for many New England outdoor enthusiasts because it doesn’t cost a lot and almost anyone in variation of physical fitness can do it!  The beauty of the sport allows participants to hike through some of Boston’s most stunning forestry while burning calories and heightening their endorphin levels, thus increasing a person’s mood.  Crystal lakes, pine matted paths and fragrant evergreen foliage are only a few of the many breathtaking scenic features that one will see when fastening a pair of snowshoes to their feet.  The winter environment also may surprise you with interesting animals and birdlife that stick around our area during even the coldest weather.  LL Bean carries a variety of sizes and styles and can easily be shipped to you before the springtime rolls around to warm things up.  Not sure where to go once you’ve bought your gear?  Check out these spectacular spots to enjoy your first snowshoeing experience in Boston.


                                         photo credit: llbean.com

Blue Hills Reservation

695 Hillside St, Milton

MA 02186

This is a great place to visit particularly if you are a beginner and want to try somewhere close to home for the first time.  Conveniently located near both highways 93 and 95, you’ll have no problem finding parking or a beautiful scenery as you track through the Blue Hills snow paths.


Harold Parker State Forest

305 Middleton Road

North Andover, MA 01810

This is one of my favorite places to see a picturesque view of a winterized New England.  The forest contains several trails with majestic trees as well as a pond that ice fishermen enjoy during the winter months.  There is no fee for snowshoeing or cross-country skiing and the park does host small parking lots around the nature area.  If you like this location, you might want to check out the summer camp offered in July and August. 

Suzie Canale, Westwood, MA 


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Finding The Art in Winter

Posted by Suzie Canale on Thu, Feb 19, 2015

So we’re on our third blizzard of the season and things are starting to get a tad bit boring being stuck in the house yet again.  One of the hardest things to do during New England snowstorms is finding something to do so it’s no wonder why most Bostonians are going stir crazy.  The regular list of to-do’s include baking cookies, playing board games, watching movies, popping popcorn, drink hot chocolate and engaging in an arts and crafts project.  But what if we’ve already implemented these activities with our families in the past few weeks?  What else can we find to entertain ourselves until the spring arrives to warm things up?  How about putting an “artsy” spin on things by using the winter wonderland that is blossoming outside our windows to create décor for our homes?  Famous artists have used this chilly season to inspire imperial pieces including Ansel Adams who focused his camera lens on breathtaking scenery.   You don’t have to be an expert to take great shots of a New England snowstorm.   You just have to use your imagination and follow a few easy tips to snap stunning photos of your winterized backyard.


First of all, you’re going to be outside in some seriously frosty conditions so bundle up with multiple layers.  Once you’re sure that you can bare the outdoor elements, grab a camera that you feel comfortable with and make sure there is a neck strap secured in order to make gripping and carrying the piece easier if you fall down in the snow.  Before leaving your house, also make sure that the glass eye and focus lens are clean and have no smudges that might blur an otherwise perfect shot. 


Now that you’re ready to venture outside, locate a few of your favorite spots around your front, back and side yards.  Successful places include areas with bushes, trees and other natural, physical features that nature has provided that would make an interesting composition.  Stay away from complicated scenes that are messy when seen through the lens.  Focus on simple yet stunning views that will transfer beautifully to black and white printing.  Excellent examples, which become beautiful photographs can be branches swelled with layers of snow and icicles that are dropping from ledges.  Please keep in mind that when you are taking pictures from below of something potentially dangerous (like a sharp icicle) stay several yards away and use your zoom feature to take a close up.  Several people have been harmed by trying to snap wintery features unsafely so utilize the assets of your hardware that will allow you to capture the essence without putting yourself in harm’s way. 


Another facet that you want to be weary of is the light factor.  Stunning images of light beams can be taken by paying attention to the time of day when you decide to take pictures and the direction of the sun’s rising and setting that will effect the outcome of your photographic efforts.  Light streaming though branches or ray bans casting shadows over fields make beautiful prints.  If you’re in the middle of a storm producing little light, make sure you have your flash activated on your camera that will allow you to manufacture the appearance of sunlight within your pictures

suzie_snow Suzie Canale, Westwood, MA Snowpocalypse 2015

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Snow Inspired Flower Arrangements

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Feb 18, 2015

The snow blitz of 2015 hit New England hard, covering our cars, houses and well, everything in site up to eighty-eight inches of snow in the Boston area.  We survived Juno but if you’re like me, you might need a little pick me up to help shoo away the winter blues.  One way to accomplish this is to fill our living space with as much inspired growth as possible, namely flowers.  I know I use flowers as a natural remedy for most woes but there is no denying the power of beauty and fragrance to boost our lowered moods and dispositions.  Although we are experiencing the bitterness of the cold, there’s a sort of beauty that emanates from the sparkles of white enwrapped around everything we see.  Tiny crystals of light reflected in the sunlight and the impression of blanketed softness expels itself from the perfectly mounded bands of puffed snow.  For me, it’s a tough time of year too (I’m really a summer girl at heart) but even I can’t deny the sheer magnificence of newly fallen flakes.  The way I see it, if I can see impressive color, texture and design outdoors, why can’t I copy that same feeling within designing winter inspired arrangements for my own home?  After a few trial and errors, this was what I found to be the most successful combinations for this theme.


White hydrangea is the perfect variety for this type of floral display because it carries all of the appropriate characteristics to what we see happening outside.  Besides toned in pure shades of white, the soft-pedaled head also comes close in proximately to the way snow impacts itself on the ground.  By tucking in a few stems within a bubble bowl, we really don’t need to add too much more than perhaps a sprig or two of lady’s mantle or octoberweed.  Not only will you love the presentation of simplicity but you’ll also be pleasantly surprised as to how long this piece will last.  Let’s just hope the same doesn’t hold true for all of that white stuff outside our windows!


There’s a new trend rearing its head around Boston flower shops and I’ve actually tried this on my own so I assure you-I’m just as impressed with it as they are.  Bulbs are making a screaming comeback but are being grown and displayed in new ways.  For instance, white daffodils or paper whites can be used indoors by placing them on the tops of narrowed bud vases.  Fill the container with water high enough to reach the bottom of the bulb and watch the roots start to grow before your eyes.  Place in a well-lit area and pretty soon a shoot will begin to extend upwards.  I love using this as a bedside arrangement and adore how inexpensive yet fabulous this method is.  Before you go out and buy bulbs, check your cellars for previously unused packages of grape hyacinth, tulips or any other springtime favorite. Situating the vessel near a warm heater also helps to surge a speedy flower creation.

Suzie Canale, Westwood, MA

Suzie created the above arrangement of bulbs and hyacinth.

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Surviving Ice Dams in Boston - Snowmageddon

Posted by Suzie Canale on Tue, Feb 17, 2015

It’s not bad enough that we are stuck in the house while mounds and mounds of snow pile up outside our doors but do we really have to suffer actual physical damage incurred by the storms, too?  Statistics show that in the Boston area alone, homeowners will suffer detrimental costs rising above 2.4 million dollars due to the destruction of snow, ice and water that a winter season will produce.  New Englanders have seen it all including flooded basements, leaky roofs, and my favorite- ice dam destruction.  Recently over the last storm, my home was affected by this annoying, depressing and expensive form of winter weary, which ruined not only the above ceiling panel but also the freshly coated paint that I applied during the first snowstorm. 


                                                      photo credit: Wikipedia

But what actually is an ice dam?  How does it occur?

Ice dams are formed when icicles are produced on the eaves after snowfall has accumulated on a building’s roof.  They might look beautiful but the truth is, the ice stops a gutter’s natural water flow from evacuating the area of a house properly, which causes water leakage into the home.   Common outcomes of damage caused ice dams include sagging roofs, ceiling leakage and at the very least wood and wall rot.  Severe circumstances can also affect the attic where water seeps into the structure, eventually producing mildew and mold, a serious health hazard for you and your family. 


                                     photo credit: bobvila.com

So now that we all know what an ice dam is, what can we do to fix the problem if it occurs?  Well, my favorite answer that I received after my own situation was, “nothing”.  You have to have to wait until the snow and ice melt from your roofs and honestly, if you first see the signs that this kind of disaster is occurring, you just might have to wait it out until repairs can be made during better weather. 


Can Bostonians be proactive before an ice dam occurs?

 Anatomy-of-an-ice-dam                                    photo credit: structuretech1.com

Well, through careful research, experts have made a few suggestions that might defer this nasty winter effect but unfortunately, most of the advice only pertains to homes that are low enough to the ground to reach the upper gutters.  Building contractors have offered the advice to take women’s nylons and fill them with calcium chloride.  Lay them across the areas where ice dams could erupt and this should stave off the freezing until the storm passes.  Ice rakes can also be used to scrape off the snow from shingles that are reachable.  If you are like me with a roof height too distant to reach with a rake or utility ladder, you have to think about using heated cables to defrost ice dams and prevent chronic episodes.  Place them in a zigzag pattern across your shingles and cross your fingers.  They just might work!

Suzie Canale,

Westwood, MA

Suzie has been actively breaking iciciles, raking snow and catching the drips at her home in Westwood, MA.


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Professional Versus Cheap Valentines Day Flowers

Posted by Suzie Canale on Tue, Feb 10, 2015

Love is in the air so that must mean that Valentine’s Day is will be here soon!  If you are revving up to wine and dine your sweetheart, make sure that you’ve planned ahead and ordered a beautiful bouquet of roses from your local florist.  Why purchase professionally designed bouquets in?  Yes, grocery stores, super stores and even gas stations are supplying a few dozens for a quick and easy cash and carry but I warn you-you’ll be better off putting in the extra effort with a visit to a real florist.  For the last several years, the debate has been growing on whether spending the extra time and doe is really worth it?  One side of the fence claims that the flowers look exactly the same and smell exactly the same so “a rose is just a rose”?  Coming from twenty years in the wholesale flower business, I can promise you that this statement couldn’t be anymore false and here’s why…


Professional flower buyers are knowledgeable about their product in a variety of areas.  For start, they’ve been trained to distinct between fresh and stale blooms, which in all honesty, most customers cannot do on their own until their purchases croak prematurely.  If by small chance, your unsatisfactory bouquet was bought from a flower shop, you’ll have a better chance of getting a refund where as a secondary carrier is more likely to laugh in your face.  Reason number two in trusting a florist with your Valentine’s Day order is for the simple reason that their designers will create pieces precisely made for you instead of generic vases that are pre-made.  Seasoned specialists not only can manifest your preferences but also suggest new styles and varieties just perfect for you!  Another reason to do things the right way is because these greenery companies keep the market moving with flowers flown in from around the world.  Wal-Mart and Cosco don’t.  Business owners spend years developing relationships with suppliers in countries from Holland, New Zealand, France, Ecuador, Japan and China (just to name a few) to assure that their orders are filled with only the best selection available.  In turn, the growers remain sustainable, which then results in higher quality of crops and new hybrid breeds. 


So you see, it’s a win - win situation when deciding to support your local flower shop instead of cutting corners by falling for a quick and cheap Valentine’s Day arrangement.  You’ll soon understand the undeniable superb presentation of professionally designed flowers that are sure not to disappoint even the most finicky holiday dates. 

suzie_canale_westwood-1Suzie and Rick Canale, Westwood MA 

Floral Photo Credit: Aboutflowers.com Flower Factor


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Valentines Day Flowers for the Stars

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Feb 09, 2015

Boston’s not the only city gearing up for a spectacular Valentine’s Day!  Hollywood starlets are reeling in the upcoming holiday events with plans of glamorous wardrobes, decadent restaurant cuisine and most importantly, their exquisite bouquets of flowers!  Top actresses of the silver screen each appreciate a specific variety of blossoms congruent to their own style and personalities, which engage specialized California florists within the challenge of meeting each expectation.  While some prefer the traditional bundle of roses, others prefer a more symmetrical design of orchids and grape vine branches causing the pros to stock up on a wide spectrum of blooming goodies.  Judging from the previous trends that these A-Listers have promoted in the past, here are the Valentine’s Day arrangement predictions for 2015. 


Jennifer Aniston

What does Justin Theroux give his newly Golden Globe nominee fiancée, Jen Anniston, for Valentine’s Day flowers when he really wants to impress her?  Something sweet, something bright, something that says Malibu beach girl of course!  Since the actress’s favorite color is blue (she loves the ocean) and she propels an easy going but streamlined presence, I would go with blue hybrid delphinium as the sure fire winner.  The stocky stems giving off a “bang” reaction and can be arranged on their own with that “no fuss” attitude Ms. Aniston seems to play off so well. 


Tori Spelling

The new mom of four has had a tough year so far so her husband Dean McDermott better get his act together quick when it comes to giving his wife a perfect floral bouquet this February.  Although the actress loves the shade of green, she is a known gardener and says that her dream is actually to become Martha Stewart!  Dean might like to take this information and request a miniature gardeners box from his florist who can line the container with green moss and plant miniature plants inside.  The presentation is stunning and gives the “long lasting” impression instead of a dozen roses that might die in a week.  This might be a better theme for him to stick to considering his present marital state. 


Angelina Jolie

Since her nemeses, Jen Aniston, loves blue so much, I would bet that Angelina is going to want the complete opposite.  Mr. Pitt should be mindful of giving his wife anything that says, “common” like roses or tulips, it’s just not a good match for the woman who seeks to step over every line of “ordinary”.  Sophisticated but definitely possessing a dark side, a vase full of white Philanopsis might lighten this actresses aura while also complicating her sleek outer image.  These orchids require little to know maintenance, which also may come in handy while parenting six children with Brad.  Another option is to utilize her love for black by requesting black callas that are also durable and impress a larger than life impact.


Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon has always been one of my favorites because of her down to earth appeal yet clever theatrical skills.  While I think her husband, Jim Toth, could almost do no wrong in the flower department since she’s bound to love anything he gives her, I would recommend using some of her huge accomplishments this year to guide his floral picks.  Since Reese’s new movie, “Wild” has done so well, playing this theme by choosing “wild flowers” would show how proud he is of her and convey a loving supportive gesture to hi wife.  The southern belle is bound to love the thought and appreciate the beauty in whimsical creative design. 

 suzie__ricky_canale Suzie and Rick Canale, Chestnut Hill, MA January 2015

Suzie will have a front row seat on Oscar night from her home in Westwood, MA.


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Rose Colors and Their Meanings

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Feb 06, 2015

It’s Valentine’s Day and you need to come up with a bundle of gorgeous roses asap but aren’t sure what to get.  If you’re like most guys, a dozen red will do but I’ll have you know that you may not want to choose the color so quickly without a little research first.  Did you know that a pink tinted flower could send an entirely different message than perhaps roses in the shade of purple?  Or how about white petals instead of yellow?  It’s true that each color option reveals an individual theme so it’s important to select the one that correctly portrays your feelings.  You might think its ridiculous that any woman would ever fall for an impression based solely on the color of a rose but I assure you, it has happened before.  Would you want to imply marriage to a girl that you simply wanted to recognize as a good friend?  How about giving the intention of affection when you really wanted to send your condolences?  I’m telling you, this is a crucial step in choosing the proper Valentine’s Day roses for your sweetheart.  Here is an easy to follow guide that outlines the shade and meaning of each variety of rose available to you this holiday.


                 Color                                                       Meaning

           White Rose                                Innocence; I'm worthy of you.

        Burgundy Rose                                      Unconscious Beauty: Beauty Within

        Lavender Rose                                           Affection; Enchantment

           Green Rose                                         Envy; Infatuation

            Light Pink                                    Grace; Friendship; Joy

              Yellow                                             Joy; Friendship; Let Us Forget

            Magenta                                 Encouragement; Message of Love

          Dark Pink                                               Thankfulness

            Orange                                               Variety; Creativity; Fascination

             Peach                                                Desire; Gratitude; Appreciation

              Red                                      Love; Passion; Respect; I Love You.

            Purple                                               Reward of Virtue; Worthy of Royalty

              Blue                                                          Mystery

          Rainbow                                                  Party Time


Now that you’ve perused the list and probably found the appropriate shade matching your intention for this holiday, it’s time to pick up that phone and order your Valentine’s Day flowers today!  Don’t forget to mention to the sales representative the specifics of your order and request that no substitutions be made just in case there is a diminished supply of your selection.  If this should occur, never underestimate the power of a pretty mixed bouquet and a great bottle of wine!

suzie_patriots Patriots Fan Suzie Canale at her Westwood home.

Suzie loves garden roses.


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Valentine’s Day Messages to Send With Flowers

Posted by Suzie Canale on Thu, Feb 05, 2015

You’ve bought the candy, made the reservation at her favorite restaurant and now its time to order flowers.  You’ve decided to go with a pretty mix of vibrant colors instead of the traditional red roses and you’re feeling pretty good about the Valentine’s Day plans you’ve made so far.  There’s just one small problem…what do you say on the card to make her really understand your deep felt sentiments?  It has to be personal, original, meant for her eyes-only but what words do you choose to say? 

 valentines flowers in boston

Relax, there’s a simple model for successfully conquering this common anxiety ridden task.  The first thing that needs to be done is to truly understand what feelings you want to convey.  Is it love or lust?  Is the relationship casual or serious?  How long have you been together?  Is this a long-standing partnership or brand new?  What about her personality?  Is she romantic, creative, sensitive or funny?  See, all of these aspects must be weighed before taking out that pen to scribe your feelings.  Unfortunately, a message ill written or taken the wrong way may be destructive to your relationship with your Valentine so your card has to be clear.  Once you’ve decided which thematic path you wish to travel on, commit and select the perfect message that conveys those feelings.  These are a few of my favorites that have put a smile on my face. 

 valentines flowers boston delivery

For the Valentine whose put in her time over the years:

Cupid’s aim is still pretty good!


For the 1-2 year relationship:

With you, it’s Valentine’s Day 365 days of the year.


For the 70’s peppy music lover:

How sweet it is, to be loved by you!


For the 80’s sentimental music lover:

You take my breadth away….


For the unsuspecting Valentine:

Be Mine


For the math loving Valentine:

You + Me = Forever     or       You + Me + Perfect


For the exotic romantic language loving Valentine:

Je t’aime


For the Poetry lover:

Even in a fairy tale where every dream comes true, I could never hope to find a husband/wife as sweet as you.


For the “Working Things Out” Valentine:

The best proof of love is trust

suzie_canale_westwood-1Suzie and Rick Canale were married on July 12, 2003. Their wedding song was Love by Nat King Cole.

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