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Exotic Flowers in Boston

Tips to Transform Your Garden into a Great Outdoor Space

Posted by Jenny Holt on Fri, May 18, 2018

Is your garden looking a bit neglected after the winter? Maybe you’ve piled surplus stuff from inside the home to make some extra space? Whatever your reason, it’s time to think about transforming it into a fabulous outdoor space and growing plants from seeds before spring arrives. Giving your garden a spruce-up will not only make it a beautiful and relaxing space to hang out for family and friends, but it can also be rewarding feeling once all the work is done. Here are a few ideas for you to try.


Make it comfortable

Inject a bit of personality into your outdoor space through repainting your fencing, buying or re-purposing garden furniture and decluttering broken or useless junk lying around. Try and think about maximizing the space to make it more comfortable for everyone to enjoy, and that includes making a pet-friendly garden if you have animals. If you want privacy, consider planting tall, evergreen trees which will also provide shade on hot, summer days.

Create a grassy space

Lawn care takes a lot of work to get the lush greenness you want to relax on but it’s not the same if you have to sit on concrete paving stone! Plus, it’s a great space for children to play on. If you’ve already got a lawn, look out for any patches or signs of unhealthiness that have appeared but if you don’t have grassy area then maybe it’s time to consider planted grass seeds. Either way, depending on the size of your space, the chances are you’ll need a handheld spreader for a small space or review broadcast and drop style spreaders for larger areas as they'll allow the area to be covered in a few passes.


Add color

Who doesn’t like the stunning colors of nature’s flowers growing in a garden? Admittedly, it takes a bit of effort to start off but once established you’ll be able to enjoy their beauty in the months to come. There are many ways to brighten up your garden, even on a budget and you should choose different types of species, for example, exotic flowers, edible flowers, annual, etc, to mix it up. It’s important to make sure they’re watered well and receive the right amount of shade or sun they desire and you can either plant from seed or buy in pots from a gardening center.

Whatever you decide to incorporate or add into your garden, it will be a reflection of your style and tastes so makes for a perfect escape in the good weather.

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Trellis Flower Designs

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, May 16, 2018

The weather is finally looking up around here, which means it’s time we filled up our leaf bags, mulch the yard and do a little planning for a spring season of landscaping!  Many people see this process as a chore but for me- I look forward to the task each year and actually become excited with the possibilities of new plantings I’ve been dreaming of all winter long…. There’s nothing better than gazing at your green thumb efforts once the summer appears so right now is the moment to kick up your gardening to-do’s in high gear!  One area that’s a nice place to start is choosing the seeds you would like to feature in your pots, raised beds or lawn props. Might I suggest focusing on the species of blooms you would like to watch blossom up your trellis? Archway trellises are some of the most beautiful places to harvest vine plants that will slowly creep up the sides to make a stunning veil of buds.  I myself, have a couple I can’t wait to see covered in strands of brightly colored flowers. If you are in need of a bit of research before you plant around your trellis, here are some of the best varieties that do particularly well in this area of the garden.


Morning Glories: Morning Glories are pretty much a staple flower when matching a bloom to an archway trellis.  They exist in a variety of cheery hues and can survive with little fuss from the gardener. Just take a pack of seeds and pour near the base of the structure and they’ll do their own thing throughout the entire summer!


photo via

Clematis:  These are another great choice and will not disappoint those who want to quickly cover their trellis with wild looking blossoms!  Another species growing in many different colors, clematis will return each year in the spring although it will die once the heat appears in July and August.

Ivy Sweet Pea: This particular variety of sweet pea is capable of growing in a cabled vine that is simply gorgeous when scaling poles, arbors and trellises. They are extremely delicate in appearance but manage to take their curly leaves and tiny buds to great lengths if allowed.  

Wisteria: Wisteria is very popular in the United States and is able to last for generations if grown in temperate areas with shelter from severe ice.  These heads will drop in cone-like shapes and create beautiful overhangs for people to walk underneath as well as provide a pleasant aroma to the air.  

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Mystery TV  for Your Favorite Flower Lover

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, May 14, 2018

I love a good mystery, don’t you?  I like them even more when there’s a great theme involved-perhaps a storyline that includes a bit of flower and gardening to sweeten the plot?  There’s nothing better than a body found in the tulip bed or a victim poisoned by ingesting belladonna in their cocktail drink! Yes, there are 101 ways to off a person using floral species and tools associated with the blooming biz and it just so happens there’s a slew of multiple episodes on TV dedicated to telling these stories!  Networks are filled with talented writers, actors and producers who have aired several of these shows discussing this topic and are able to put a fun spin on “who-done-its?” just by surrounding characters with flowers! If you are someone who gets addicted to “Murder She Wrote”, “Monk” or a fabulous “Lifetime Mystery” title then check out this list of murderously entertaining programs.


Flower Shop Mystery:  “Mum’s the Word”

Here’s a whole show dedicated to solving crime and who better to do it than a florist?  When Abby decides that her life as a big city lawyer is not for her, she resurrects her career as a local proprietor of a flower shop which just so happens has a curbside view on murderous happenings…  In this episode, Abby witnesses a killer running away from a crime scene and she just can’t shake the experience until she finds some answers. With help from a cute bartender who catches her interest, the two set off on an adventure to catch a killer and solve the case!  If this sounds like its right up your alley, check out more episodes like “Snipped in the Bud” and “Dearly Depotted”.

“Mr. Monk is the Best Man”

Monk is one of my very favorite TV series with main character, Tony Shalhoub who plays the anxious, ex-cop who also happens to be brilliant.  In this episode, his best friend (and lieutenant), asks Monk to be his man at his wedding but an extra crispy corpse puts a damper on the celebrations.  Without an immediate identity, Monk soon figures out that a piece of oasis ties the victim to a flower shop where he is a designer. Now who would want to murder a florist?  Watch the show and find out!


Columbo:  “The Greenhouse Jungle”

Ohhhh…. This is a good one!  Quirky Detective Columbo is on the case when a kidnapping turns ugly and death becomes the reality.  Nothing seems to make sense to anyone until Columbo steps hot on the trail of a man who has a talent for growing orchids.  Is his greenhouse the only masterpiece he’s hiding or is he involved with a deception much deadlier?

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Outdoor Hanging Plants

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, May 11, 2018

Hanging plants have risen in popularity over recent spring and summer holidays which appeal to a large and varying customer base.  We can explain this phenomenon by taking a look at the outdoor arrangement’s beneficial characteristics that are namely but not limited to:

  1. Vast color availability
  2. Extensive species composition
  3. Limited care responsibilities
  4. Cost Affordability
  5. Ease of transport




A stunning hanging basket that you can show off to neighbors and friends for months afterwards!  Display options can be from archway trellises, lattices, door hooks or poles with appropriate hardware. As long as you find a sturdy location that will keep the plant secure, you can place your blooming gift where ever you prefer!  There’s nothing like a fresh basket of blossoms swaying outside in the wind to dress up your home for spring cleaning so start browsing local greenhouses and nurseries to find your dreamy  hanging basket!

Gorgeous variety combinations include but are not limited to:

  1. Nasturtiums
  2. Ivy Geraniums
  3. Bleeding Hearts
  4. New Guinea Impatiens
  5. Lantana
  6. Million Bells
  7. Lobelia
  8. Dipladenia
  9. Verbena
  10. Petunia

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What do Mom’s really want for Mother’s Day?

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, May 09, 2018

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and I know there are some dads out there who are starting to freak out a bit about what to get the wifey…  It’s a common problem with most dads who rack their brains each May trying to come up with the perfect present. Maybe you’ve have past years full of memories of giving gifts that didn’t go over so well like that gym pass for exercise class or the new rake you swear will making leave collecting a breeze?  Yes- these are all most likely going to end with a frown but luckily for you, this blog is dedicated to helping you turn things around! What moms want for their special day is a thoughtful gift that reflect just how much you love and appreciate her. She wants to receive a meaningful gesture, not shed those pesky few pounds you’ve been so gracious to bring attention to.  You’ve got to get inside her head and that’s where you’ll find the answer to your Mother’s Day question. If you’re still having trouble tapping into her psyche, take a browse at these sure-fire winners that are bound to impress!


Spa Packages

One great place to start is to lead her to a day of full on pampering done by some of Boston’s top spa specialists.  Maybe she would love a manicure and pedicure or perhaps she’s in need of a deep tissue massage? A nice touch is to pick up a gift certificate and pre-book her an appointment to make it extra special for her.  Top businesses to browse are: Sway Aveda Spa, The Spa at Mandarin Oriental and Equinox Boston.

Take Out

I’m married to a florist so the idea of a Mother’s Day brunch just isn’t in the cards since he works the whole holiday but that doesn’t mean I have to set foot near a stove!  Cleaning pots and pans plus boiling water is an absolute NO so think ahead and order a great take home menu to enjoy among yourselves. Be sure you choose something SHE LIKES instead of YOUR favorite Chinese food joint that is such a cheap deal, you just can’t pass it up.  Think Cheesecake Factory, P.F. Chang’s or a terrific Italian café she’s always raving about!


For God’s Sake…Don’t Forget the FLOWERS!

If there’s one thing you can’t screw up on Mother’s Day is ordering ahead a fresh bouquet of spring blooms.   Pink peonies, roses and freesia are some of the most popular go-to’s but if she adores purple lilac

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The History of Mother's Day

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, May 07, 2018

In the United States, we celebrate Mother’s Day as a special holiday dedicated to honoring moms for everything they do.  Although there might be a variation of customs associated with different religions and customs, most people choose to pay homage to dear old mum by a show of gifts, cards and of course-flowers.  It wasn’t always this way, since Mother’s Day has an interesting history that most aren’t aware of. While there is evidence that the holiday was recognized as far back to ancient Greek and Roman times, the progression of the event in the States holds a fascinating story compelled by determination and regret.  For founder, Anna Jarvis, daughter of Anne Reeves Jarvis, she never expected the outcome of all of her efforts to be disappointing in the end…

june cleaver

As stated before, the celebration of moms has been a long tradition but officially, the holiday was not added to the calendar until the year of 1914.  Originally inspired by the idea after her mother’s passing, Ms. Jarvis decided it would be her mission to initiate a movement to make it a nationwide observance.  Little did she know she would spend half of her life completing this mission until President Woodrow Wilson agreed to sign documents and decree Mother’s Day would occur every second Sunday in May.  Jarvis was thrilled with the effectiveness of her campaign but eventually grew to rue the day when she saw the outcome of commercialism taking over.


With total surprise, Mother’s Day took off much stronger than expected, appealing to a broader scope of supporters than she ever expected.  Even though she was at first pleased by the reaction, Anna soon became enraged by the pure sentiment of loving your mother being replaced by the purchasing of expensive and lavish gifts.  She pointed the finger at businesses attempting to capitalize profits off of the new holiday, proclaiming they were all pigs just after more money. Ironically, the founder had initially reached out to local enterprises (specifically flower shops) to help support her cause within advertising and marketing efforts.  Never did she dream that the public would react the way they did by making Mother’s Day one of the highest shopping holidays of the year. Anna was so angry that she denounced the holiday all together and made it the last half of her life’s mission to have the date stricken from the calendar. Poor Anna died in 1948, unsuccessful with un-popularizing Mother’s Day.

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Fast Food Flowers for Cinco de Mayo

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, May 04, 2018

Out of three Bostonians enjoys a takeout meal at an average of two to three times a week.  Did you know that? With delicious options ranging from Farm to Table cuisine to scrumptiously fried fragments of French fries, it’s no wonder why we’ve included fast food into our typical weekly diets.  After all, there’s no harm in occasionally succumbing to the enticement of easy ready-to-go pick up especially when life gets crazy busy. If you’re a person who hangs up their apron once Friday night rolls around and prefers to be pampered by someone else’s kitchen efforts, then you’re another demographic who understands that one of the best parts of city living is to sample nearby restaurant food.  

Along with fabulous food, another perk of being situated within Boston is the vast assortment of local flower shops who provide customers with a stunning selection of bountiful blooms.  Similar to take out statistics, city dwellers are also likely to pick up a fresh bouquet of blossoms at least once a week, especially when the weather begins to warm up a bit. This means that on average, people who choose to buy a fast food meal are more than likely to also purchase a bundle of flowers.  For florists-that’s good news! What if designers could actually pre-arrange seasonal flowers to accompany top selling food brands in the area which would be thematic of the tasteful experience? Matching color, texture and smell to a particular recipe can be an overwhelmingly exciting experience for diners as well as a lovely added décor to your home.  If you’re curious about species that might match your favorite fast food menus the best, take a look at this list that tells you how to mix and match!


A meaty patty between a bun can get your mouth watering just by picking up a dose of the aroma.  Rich and juicy, this favorite food of many can be perfectly paired with another bloom possessing a similar appeal in shading and shape.  Try plucking three crimson gerbera daisies into a clear jar that will bring out the color of the beef as well as mimic the rounded appearance.  The trick is to stay away from strong smelling scents that will detract from the intoxicating beefy smell.

coco marigolds.jpeg


Ay Caramba!  The Mexican food lover in me just adores grabbing a pretty bouquet of simple flowers anytime the urge for fajitas or tacos emerges!  My best matches for this type of cuisine are blooms that have the same characteristics such as wild stock, Jasmine or two toned “Double Delight” roses.  Staying in traditional categories, opt for cut hibiscus, bachelor buttons or yellow sunflowers to pick up the amazing colors Tacos usually feature.



Yum!  Who doesn’t like a saucy, cheesy pizza at least once a week?  If this is your sweet spot when it comes to takeout, select fresh stems of garden roses or red geraniums to be really authentic!  If you’re weary of any intruding aromas, calla lilies or poppies will do the trick!

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Hot Pink Roses and Their Meaning

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, May 02, 2018

Pink roses have long held a sentiment of grace, beauty and sweetness although different shades of the color can denote different sentiments.  For instance, there is a vast contrast between light vs. magenta shaded petals when gifting flowers as a present to someone special.  While light pink often signifies gentleness and innocence, a darker hue can intensify in meaning such as thoughtfulness, allure and attraction.  While it is customary to give younger women bouquets of soft blush roses, you may see a florist opting for a darker variety when designing for an older clientele.  Teenagers in particular will often request a hot pink styled piece for a love interest, particularly when prom time rolls around and boutonnieres and corsages become high in demand.   The idea behind this tint is fun, flashy and sexy while also being more on the flirtatious side instead of a deeper red of intensity.  


Along with these meanings, magenta roses can also signify gratitude towards an elder.  Mother’s Day is an extremely popular time of year when moms are gifted with large assortments of these bright hued pink flowers.  While lilies, peonies and sweet pea are significant on the request board, magenta roses still remain front and center during this holiday celebration.  This is also the reason why “respect” can also be associated with this variety as well as “honor” and “praise”.  What better feelings could you possibly associate a stunning arrangement for mom on Mother’s Day with than a flower that represents all three?

If you’re interested in learning more about magenta roses, take a look at these stunning varieties grown around the globe.

Magenta Roses Grown from Ecuador             Magenta Roses Grown from Holland

“Lola” “Acapella”

“Hot Lady” “Cherry-O”

“Pink Floyd” “Ensemble”

“Topaz” “Fresh”

“Pizzazz” “Marina”

Magenta Roses Grown from California                             Magenta Roses Grown Seasonally

in New England

“Germini” “Royal Jubilee”

“Yolande d'Aragon” “Young Lycidas”

“Blueberry” “Sophy’s Rose”

“Cool Paris” “Skylark”

“Rhapsody” “Carefree Beauty”

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#MothersDay Flowers: 2018

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Apr 30, 2018

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 13th and florists all over the city are already pouring hours of thought into their holiday inventory.  It’s a special day for all moms out there who have throughout the year, poured their hearts into taking care of their families and floral professionals are ready to give them exactly what they deserve!  Bright arrangements, pastel bouquets of decadent centerpieces are all among the possibilities these specialized designers are gearing up for. If you know your special someone has a real soft spot for beautiful blooms, why don’t you go the extra mile and bring her something that will truly make her hit the floor!  As inventory changes seasonally, the spring varieties are now just arriving which happens to be some of the most stunning species you’ll see during the year. Imported from all over the world, prepared to be amazed by the gorgeous floral selection being offered by local shops who have the single mission of pleasing HER!  Here’s a sneak preview of some of this May’s more stylish pieces that will get you on your way to brainstorming the perfect Mother’s Day gift! 

mothers day flowers

You may already know that peonies-specifically pink peonies are one of the biggest sellers for Mother’s Day.  The explanation is simple since the color perfectly reflects the spring season as well as the theme of women in general.  Besides the shading, the luxurious shape of the petals as well as the pleasurable appearance of the soft and delicate blooms consistently shoots this variety straight to the top for requested deliveries.  Mix and match the tones or select a straight hue and you’ll be sure to let her know just how much she means to you.


Although we typically think of pink as being official Mother’s Day protocol when it comes to flowers, bright tints of yellow, orange and green can also be a huge crowd pleaser.  These shades are happy and cheerful, while also being a reminder of the warmer days ahead for all New Englanders. I like parrot tulips, mimosa, freesia and daffodils for this look but you can substitute these options with roses, forsythia and gerbera daisies to make a piece really “POP”!


Now this is definitely my sweet spot when it comes to flowers because there’s nothing I love more than a stunning blend of purple and lavender spring flowers.  The tiny sprigs mixed together perfectly complement one another while bringing an aroma to your home that is simply unforgettable. With so many varieties to choose from such as hyacinth, sweet pea, lilacs you just can’t go wrong with this sexy Mother’s Day arrangement.

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The Dandelion Craze

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Apr 27, 2018

In the world of flowers, we are constantly sorting different species into a multitude of categories for a variety of different reasons.  For starters, it helps the pros generalize the bloom’s properties as well as project its performance characteristics when deciding which flower will work the best in each alternating piece sent.  What this really means is that florists are constantly problem-solving issues like climate control, maintenance and availability of products for clients in an effort to keep customer satisfaction high and steady.  Years ago, we could almost generalize a template for commercial versus personal floral sales consumption, being able to pinpoint a list of suitable flowers for contrasting types.  As you can imagine, it started making things blatantly predictable and maybe even a bit boring, which are two reactions we look to ban in the floral industry.  Luckily, new trends are able to mix things up a bit where we find unlikely varieties of flora and fauna being utilized in unconventional ways.  Because of this, not only are designers able to give a fresh spin on traditional bouquets typically sold for cash and carry but we’re able to actually cut costs depending on the species.  An excellent example of this is the revived popularity of the dandelion.


photo via

I know what you’re thinking… It seems crazy, right?  A dandelion is commonly looked upon as a mere weed in the midst of a garden but what happens when you relabel this little yellow bud as the central attraction to a beautiful centerpiece?  Not only are dandelion’s much cheaper in price (most of us could probably go pick a bunch right from our backyards) but they also arrange easily with a wide spectrum of flowers.  Once a mainstay in Roslindale Square, Dandelions Flowers is no longer next to Delfino's, but its legend lives on.

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