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Exotic Flowers in Boston

The Popularity of Pink Flowers

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Mar 19, 2018

Ohh…. Who doesn’t love the color pink, especially when we’re talking about pink petals?  Pink flowers have always held top priority for buyers responsible for maintaining floral inventory and there’s no shock as to why.  Pink is the number one most requested shade for blooms in the Boston area due to its wide variation of meaning and age appropriateness for both adults and children.  Both the sweetness and innocence attributed to the hue allows pink petals to be the “no-brainer” for most when ordering for a special someone. Whether it be for Valentine’s Day, Get Well, Birthday, Mother’s Day or thoughtful gift to another, pink remains the top-heavy hitter for local city flower providers.

Pink Peonies in Boston

This is a good tip to think about as we slowly sail into graduation, dance recital and spring holiday territory since we’re always looking for the right present to offer.  Think ranunculus, tulips or gerberas for a sentimental gesture and lest we forget the power of a bundle of sweetheart roses. Other perfect varieties that match a pink themed bouquet are peonies, cherry blossoms or a striking clump of early summer dahlias.  Lilies are also another excellent option as long as the recipient enjoys a strong-smelling scent.

Another reason to appreciate the color pink is the strong symbolic association with “awareness” causes.  Pink has a particularly strong connection to “Breast Cancer Awareness” and continues to be the primary variety used in décor for banquets, marathons and fundraising events.  The showing of a pink ribbon is synonymous with many of these efforts which is why you might see similarly shaded blooms being handed out to participants and spectators present.  


Pink is also a very popular color used by wedding planners who testify to the vast amount of material available in the shade including of course-the flowers.  Many brides adore the soft yet notable tie to the meaning of love and have fun coming up with combinations such as blush, hot pink and magenta. In recent years, pink has taken over the wedding aisles as the preferred hue of petals that flower girls hold in their baskets as well as boutonnieres for the groomsmen and corsages for the bride’s parents.  From veils of tiny blooms tucked into the bridal party’s hair to massive centerpieces holding ten to twenty species of pink colored blossoms, wedding specialists decree that this shade still steals the bridal scene.

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Gardening in Ancient Egypt

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Mar 16, 2018

As you all well know, I’m a garden lover who looks forward to raising a new batch of crops each and every year.  This spring, I was curious to do a little research on ancient horticulture to see what civilizations from long ago used to replenish their beds.  As you may have figured, each demographic of the world composes their gardening ritual in their own specific way making the process a specialized skill across thousands of different cultures.  One that I found to be particularly interesting was the growing model performed by the ancient Egyptian civilization. Although the country is located across the globe, we can learn a few things about the process and platform utilized to harvest a fascinating scope of plants and flowers.  


The Garden, fresco from Nebamun tomb, originally in Thebes, Egypt, now in the British Museum, London, U.K. Painting on plaster, 72 x 62 cm

The first thing we need to know is how important the Nile River was to those who had the duty of planting the gardens.  Being the primary source of water, the Nile is responsible for the efficient yet stunning formatting chosen to raise both plants and flowers.  As you can see by the side photo, beds were created to resemble a square box instead of a flat surface which here, we are accustomed to seeing.  The reason for this complex shaping was to give water a better chance of seeping into the soil instead of being wasted by spillage. By growing a “box-like” containment around their harvests, gardeners believed there was a better chance of keeping their efforts hydrated for longer periods of time.


Gardens of Amun from the Temple of Karnak, painting in the tomb of Nakh, the chief gardener, early 14th century B.C. (Royal Museum of Art and History, Brussels.)

Once we understand how Egyptians kept their crops lavish in such an arid environment, we can begin to look at the specific varieties of flora and fauna they chose to grow.  Initially, most gardens were made primarily as a sole source of food, choosing vegetables that were tolerable of the desert conditions. As time evolved, the inclusion of plants began to be added although not for nutritional benefits.  Acacia and Sycamore Trees became pleasurable “garnish” as well as small bushes such as Cypress and Olive branches which increased the landscape architecture as well as provided shading. Once plants began to show more popularity in the Egyptian gardening palette, it wasn’t long before the idea of inserting certain species of flowers became the next logical step.  Poppies, lotus, anemones and even certain breeds of roses soon appeared, creating a dynamic specimen of beauty with a multi-purpose value of feeding families. Usually seen near temples, gardens then were attempted to be placed inside tombs to pay homage to the Gods of long ago.

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Flower Arrangements for the Beer Lover

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Mar 14, 2018

The froth spills over the side of the glass and your mouth immediately begins to water for the refreshing sip of your favorite beer.  Admittedly, it’s the most pleasurable moment of the entire day, the period when you can really focus on yourself for some much-needed personal reflection.  It’s what you look forward to and dream about during times when you need something extra to get you over life’s little humps and why shouldn’t you treat yourself well after all?  

beer flowers.jpg

photo via

For those who love beer, they typically adore each and every characteristic of the beverage including the smell, taste and eye appeal, which may give feelings of instant relaxation and utter satisfaction.  There are even circumstances when it has been recorded that the sounds of a beer being poured into a glass can actually lower a person’s blood pressure, thus acting as a therapy tool. Yes, beer enthusiasts celebrate every aspect of the hop inspired treat and are typically well versed in the extent of consuming the benefits.

If you are a beer lover who also happens to like flowers, too, you might be interested in the strong trend of filling mugs with attractive seasonal blossoms.  Sound crazy? Well in all honesty, these small arrangements are really quite adorable and serve dual purposes for all purchasing customers. Not only are the bouquets relatively inexpensive (depending on the varieties used), they are also wonderful when implemented as props for sporting events, graduations and even weddings.  Another reason to get on board with this popular way to display blooms is the fact that these containers are generally easy to find and low in cost unless finer substitutes of materials are desired. If simple glass is A-Okay with you, all you have to do next is insert small stems of whatever flowers you choose to make a truly beautiful yet affordable arrangement!  Make them as traditional or dramatic as you wish and have fun creating the perfect floral presentation to gaze upon while you enjoy your adult beverage. If you want to authenticate the piece further, browse these species which reflect similar hues as you might compare to the drink.

Beer Inspired Flower Species


Brown pom-poms

Brown dahlias,

Yellow Tulips


Brown Gerberas

Yellow Sweet Pea

Orange James Story Orchids

Mango Callas

Brown, Yellow or Orange Roses

Yellow Freesia

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How to Get Your Boss on Board for a Weekly Flower Delivery

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Mar 12, 2018

So, you’ve been at the same office job for a while now and the gig is a pretty good one.  You can’t really complain earning a decent salary, hired by an okay boss, working in a clean environment and having co-workers who are congenial for the most part.  Career wise, things are going well and for the most-you’ve got everything you really want with the exception of one tiny perk… The entire office is devoid of any flower arrangements…  


photo via

Why is this a big deal?  Well, as you may have already learned from previous blog posts, regular exposure to fresh blooms provide a wide array of benefits both in physical and mental terms.  This means that choosing to elect a regular, standing order from a local florist will likely heighten the moods and progress of employees thus increasing the company’s overall productivity.  If you look at things this way-it seems like a no brainer, right?


Unfortunately, many businesses feel as though a vase of flowers is not worth the cost of investment even though most of the top Fortune 500 companies use plants and flowers in many of their headquarters to positively affect their staff.  In some circumstances, business owners do not believe that the theory holds any substantial value and instead prefers to think of a weekly flower arrangement as a waste of financial revenue. Although this attitude can prove difficult to turn around, it’s not completely impossible…

If you find yourself in this predicament, I have a few tips to turn the tables on the importance of office floral design so that you can do some serious convincing to whoever is in charge.  Study these top reasons why flowers can be of value in the office and give him/her a presentation of the facts. When you are finished, slip a reputable florist’s business card under their door and hope for the best.  If the outcome proves dim, revisit the idea in another few months.

  1. Flowers heighten positive moods by using their different scents and colors.
  2. Flowers generally increase the brain’s ability to problem solve.
  3. Flowers can propel new levels of creativity just by being within the same vicinity.
  4. Flowers are capable of lowering anxiety and in turn, foster feelings of relaxation.
  5. Flowers are a great source of conversation, which can spawn a greater communication flow between coworkers.
  6. Flowers tell employees that you care about them and want them to be happy.
  7. Flowers make a space more appealing, providing a nicer environment to work in.

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Saint Patrick’s Inspired Floral Arrangements

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Mar 09, 2018

Who doesn’t love Saint Patrick’s Day-the one holiday of the year that everyone who wants to be is a lucky Irishman!  If you live here in Boston, it’s likely you’re looking forward to March 17th just like I am and you may even be getting ready to plan a get together with friends and family. This event has a long history of popularity within this city and is easily one of the biggest nights for celebration in the northeast region as well as Europe.


photo via 

If you are hoping to pack in some people for a fun and festive evening of Irish tradition, you may want to get a jump on finding just the right items for décor.  You’ll need green streamers, a decadent spread of corn beef and cabbage and for the grand finale- a centerpiece worthy of even the feistiest of all leprechauns!  Yes, flowers are the perfect accessory to add when throwing a Saint Patty’s Day soiree and as luck would have it, florists have just what you’re looking for!  Stocking inventory with authentic, cheerful and affordable blooms, designers are ready to whip up arrangements that will set the tone of your party precisely the way you want.

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10 Signs You Are Born to Be A Florist

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Mar 07, 2018

I was a wholesale florist for twenty + years and even though I’ve moved on to other career choices, the industry will always be a part of me.  It is a business like no other I’ve ever found that sinks below your skin and maybe even into your heart long after you say goodbye.  Many people wonder why this is and ask, “What makes being a florist so special in the first place?”  If you’ve worked in this field, you know it’s not because it’s easy.  In fact, that is one of the greatest misconceptions of the floral industry and no- not everyone can do it.  For whatever reason, the flower biz is often thought of as a “creatively whimsy” existence demanding very little education or know-how to get started.  A general opinion that “working with flowers must be such a joy!” or “being a florist must be like an eternal vacation!” is often a preconceived view.  Is there any truth to these statements?  Well… Not really….  


Becoming a florist is honestly one of the hardest professions to stick with for a prolonged period of time do to the mental and physical stresses put upon employees.  Realizing the image of designers and managers stopping to smell each and every blossom throughout their work day is a common misunderstanding, shedding light on the real conditions about what it’s like to work in the industry might prove interesting!  Here is a list of the top ten signs you’re meant to be a florist and I’ll bet you’ll be surprised by the reality of the business.  If you find yourself matching at least half of the qualifications, contact your local Boston florist immediately.  They will be lucky to have you!

10 Signs You’re Born to Be a Florist

  1. You don’t mind waking up early-like REALLY early. (Retail 7am; wholesale as early as 2am).
  2. You’re okay looking messy most of the time.  (Jeans, T’s and sweats are your go-to wardrobe.  New clothes just get ruined.)
  3. Kissing most holidays and weekends goodbye is no big thing.  (Yes-you’ll work through most of them).
  4. You can’t sit still.  (Most florists rarely sit down for more than 1 hour during a 12-14-work shift.  Nine-hour work days during busy seasons usually don’t exist.)
  5. Lifting twenty to thirty pounds is what you consider a healthy workout. (Florists unload dozens of pounds of product within a week. Weaklings need not apply.)
  6. Speed is your middle name. (You have to move and MOVE FAST in the flower business for unloading, setting up and design tasks).
  7. You have a strong memory.  (You’re going to need to know hundreds of varieties of flora and fauna.  Triple that if you work in a garden center.)
  8. You can multitask like nobody’s business.  (Doing five things at once is your expertise.  Small businesses rely heavily on their employee’s ability to work in several other positions than merely under their title in the shop.)
  9. You can be nice when you don’t feel like being nice. (Florists have to be upbeat for customers.  No grumpy-gusses.)
  10. You’re satisfied with an honest day’s pay instead of an exec’s salary. (You may not make a ton of $$ but you’ll feel good at what you’ve accomplished.)

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Oscars 2018: The Flowers

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Mar 05, 2018

If you are a movie goer, I bet you were like me and millions of other people who tuned in to watch the 2018 Academy Awards.  The annual ceremony aired across the country, gifting the little gold man to a multitude of different talented actors including some newer faces we haven’t seen before. You could tell by the extra special glam producers made sure to highlight both on and behind stage that this was show they wanted audiences to remember.  Set décor sparkled, evening gowns glittered and the guest of honor himself (Mr. Oscar Statue) gleamed with perfection in the glow of the lights.  Yes, the details were impeccable from floor to ceiling and that does not exclude the flower arrangements from being part of that list.


photo via Mark's Garden, Los Angeles CA

Mark Held, owner of Mark’s Gardens of sunny California is the go-to guy for Oscar worthy blooms that are year after year displayed majestically at the event.  Never to disappoint his clients, Mark consistently designs floral pieces that are in precise harmony with the prestigious event, which continue to blow guests away with their undeniable beauty.  His vast knowledge and experience within floral design allows him to create unique blooming creations that become part of the set themselves. For example, it’s not surprising when guests are frequently interviewed in front of his arrangements and floral props as well as the perfect place to pose for pictures and web videos.  After taking a peek at Oscar 2018’s featured bouquets and centerpieces, there is no denying that Mark Held remains reigning master florist who can be considered a “starlet” in his own right.

marks garden.jpg

photo via Mark's Garden, Los Angeles CA




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Plants and Flowers Should Be the First Items Bought for A New Home

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Mar 02, 2018

Are you getting ready to move into a new home soon?  Are you finding yourself buried beneath boxes of stuff and feeling a bit overwhelmed by the whole process?  A great way to relieve stress accumulated by the experience of relocation is to make sure one particular item is at the top of your “To Be Purchased” list.  Funny enough, the answer isn’t silverware, furniture or plates but something else that can provide you with pleasure, relaxation and also an aesthetic appeal-plants and flowers.  According to flower shop owners, a large percentage of their clientele is derived from people who have just moved into a new apartment or purchased their first home and are looking for greenery to spruce up their abodes.  Luckily, these florists are prepared with a list of their own that can guide customers towards personalized choices which are just right for them!  From garden growers to those who lack a green thumb, there is something for everyone to help make the moving day more fun!  Take a look at these top picks for yourself that also make wonderful gifts for friends.

daffodils boston.jpg

Nothing says “Smile!” like a fresh bouquet of spring daffodils to brighten up a place.  These beauties are both cheerful in color but also contain an aroma that will fill any space with a sweet scent.  These flowers are stunning in a simple vase and work best when arranged in large clumps with several stems.  The daffodil comes in shades of yellow, white, peach and variegated shades of peach so you’ll have fun picking out the right tone you’re looking for.  Another benefit of purchasing daffodils is that they are usually relatively inexpensive can be bought in several different locations including your yard if it happens to be the right time of the year.

If you’re more of a plant person than you have a ton of options that are perfect for dressing up a new home and all are readily available from your local florist. First off, we have the Spathiphyllum plant that is almost unkillable with even the worst plant care. These pretty plants are tropical in appearance and require little water or sun to do just find on their own.  Other great ideas are Boston ferns which are a bit fussier but are gorgeous on a hanger or placed in urns as well as the cactus plant- another ideal variety for those who are too busy to pamper a plant.  

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The History of the Shamrock

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Mar 02, 2018

March 17th is Saint Patrick’s Day and people all over this city are getting ready to show their Irish pride!  While there are sure to be events celebrated all over Boston with green beer free flowing everywhere, I think it’s important to take the time to acknowledge the history behind the four leaf clover.  As a floral professional, I can’t tell you how many requests we receive for potted plants of clover or specialized flower arrangements with hints of the greenery slipped here and there amongst the blooms.  Clovers are a huge part of the Saint Patty’s Day tradition so let’s do a little research to find out exactly why we go crazy over these tiny florets every March.  


photo via Rittners School of Floral Design, Boston MA

The origin of the shamrock really does have interesting roots once you start digging since it was primarily used by Saint Patrick to introduce the religion of Christianity into Ireland.  He chose the sprig as a symbol of this faith because of the three leaves which he believed was a sign of the Holy Trinity.  Because its three leaf shape, it was also valuable due to the fact that the number “three” was held as an omen of good fortune even though we associate a 4-leaf clover as the one holding all the luck.  As time wore on, the cloves were actually seen for a brief period of time as meaning a sign of rebellion.  If you were caught wearing any evidence of the plant, you were immediately considered any enemy to the state.  This belief did not last long thankfully, and eventually returned as a sign of spring, luck and Irish pride.


photo via

Today, shamrocks are recognized all over the world and not just on our beloved Saint Patrick’s Day.  No matter what your religion or origin, millions of people search each year in the hopes of finding a four-leaf clover, although a three-leaf clover brings good tidings, too.  Standing for love, hope and faith (in the case when a fourth leaf is found-God), this tiny treasure is Mother Nature’s gift to the adventurous heart who seeks out the magic of the petals growing across green countryside.  If you do not have access to a blooming lea, supermarkets often carry pots of clover during the months of February through April at an inexpensive cost.  For those who enjoy growing their own, you’ll be happy to know that shamrocks (or otherwise known as Oxalis) are perennials which bloom every year as a ground cover.  Many of which are planted as a bulb, the best places to start your own crop are nearby garden edgings or rock formations.

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How to Select Flower Arrangements for a Child’s Birthday Party

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Feb 28, 2018

It’s your child’s big day and you’re in the heat of planning the perfect birthday celebration for twenty to thirty friends without a clue as of how to do it.  Don’t worry- there’s an easy and fun way to create the ideal celebratory extravaganza that will fit your budget as well as put the “Wow” factor on the faces of guests.  How do you start?  Well, contrary to popular belief, not all parties for small children have to have a set theme.  Clifford, Smurfs and My Little Pony topics can be incredibly detail oriented that can become overwhelming and impossible to afford on a tight budget.  Give yourself a break and allow yourself a bit of wiggle room by opting for streamers balloons and lots and lots of flowers!  Whether you have a special birthday girl or boy, use these tips to work with a local florist to create an age appropriate blooming presentation that will set the festivities off with a bang.  Choose to navigate the task by implementing these tips for boys and girls or mix and match the colors any way that you want.  Remember, birthday fun starts with cheery ideas and joyous accessories, so don’t be afraid to use your imagination and go for it.


For Girls

Quite often, we associate the color pink for girls but there’s other options available if you feel limited to this hue.  Lavender, purple, chartreuse, peach, lime green and yellow are also feminine in nature and are stunning when two or more are arranged together.  Ideal varieties may include ranunculus, hybrid delphinium, anemones, calla lilies, gerbera daisies, forsythia and tulips.You can even incorporate a jelly bean filled vase for the festivities.

baseball flowers.jpg

For Boys

Just because it’s a boy’s birthday party, it doesn’t mean that you should forget the idea of using flowers as part of the décor.  Many blooms can be very masculine such as delphinium, geraniums, calla lilies, orchids, roses and sunflowers.  Colors that work well for this occasion include maroon, white, blue, red, green, bright yellow and orange.  You can either choose one of these shades or blend together a few flavors to brighten up the room where your party is to be held.  If your hesitant about this idea, grab some truck, sports balls or Lego containers (works well for girls, too) and use these as the flower holders.

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