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Exotic Flowers in Boston

Fun and Fancy Flower Delivery Trucks

Posted by Suzie Canale on Thu, Aug 25, 2016

In the floral industry, marketing is everything and that extends all the way through your flower displays to website design.  Everything has to be styled to enforce a desired presentation whether that means cultivating a particular branding style within arrangements or inventing a specific personality for your flower shop that sets you apart from the rest of the competition.  Creativity is the name of the game in this business so it’s imperative that marketing geniuses use their influence within every aspect of the company.  It’s simply not good enough to print pretty business cards or hang a jazzy sign in the storefront.  Within this economy, you’ve got to be willing to go the distance.  Even if it means taking your delivery transportation to the next level by decorating your vehicles in stylishly fun and funky ways!  It’s a great way to present your product as well as a fantastic opportunity to reel in new customers who notice your little added touch.  Check out these fabulously fun flower trucks, vans and bikes that are understandably grabbing the attention they deserve!


photo credit via:

Bicycles are a very popular means to get where you’re going particularly in Holland.  If you think about it, financially it’s a brilliant way to go to save money on fuel and it will also keep your staff in great shape!  Most importantly pedaling flowers to their destination is both eye appealing and incredibly romantic…


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This is another great idea, which is growing in popularity-flower painted food trucks converted into moving floral coolers!  You’ll guarantee customers fresh product as well as offer a fun way to pick out beautiful blossoms to passers by..


Misty Copeland via

This is both a pretty approach to delivering flowers and a convenience for those visiting their loved ones in the cemetery.  You provide easy access to purchase grave bouquets without overwhelming others with a vast amount of options.  Simple, tasteful and useful are all the benefits of rigging up a contraption such as this one.  

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What Flowers Should I Send For a New Baby ?

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Oct 28, 2015

“It’s a boy!”  “It’s a girl!”  These are two of the happiest phrases announced when someone becomes a parent.  For such a joyous occasion, friends and family shower the mother with baby clothes, diapers and other gifts welcoming the new child into the world.  One of the most popular presents that couples receive is a festive bouquet of fresh flowers from their local Boston florist!  

photo credit: flower factor /

Having a striking arrangement delivered to the hospital after a baby is born is a wonderful way to say congratulations as well as brighten the sometimes, dismal hospital environment.  Even though the mother’s stay probably wont be for too long, adding a bright and beautiful vase of blossoms to her room will not only uplift the typically dreary décor but will also show her how much you care.  

photo credit: Flower Factor /

Historically, arrangements of baby’s breath or pink roses were the most popular varieties ordered for this occasion but luckily, our city’s best designers are shaking things up a bit!  New styles incorporate a higher sophistication along with a crisp new palette of flowers to choose from!  Clients can either select products that are gender descriptive or not, adding a whole new hue of color to dazzle with.  These are some of the protocols leaving studios and hitting the top five list for most requested floral arrangements gifted to new moms and dads.  What look appeals to you?

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Every Day is Mother's Day at Exotic Flowers in Boston

Posted by Rick Canale on Tue, May 06, 2014

Mother's Day Flowers in BostonAt Exotic Flowers in Boston and Lombardi Florist in Roslindale, we often say ' every day is Mother's Day.' This statement may seem trite, but it is on point. Every day is Mother's Day. Mother's Day may be celebrated on the second Sunday of May, but Mother's Day should be celebrated every day.

What better to show your mom, grandmother or anyone you call 'mom' how much you appreciate them than fresh flowers from Exotic Flowers, Boston's Premier Florist.

Mother's Day Boston FloristMother's Day at Exotic Flowers in Boston begins weeks in advance. The vases for Mother's day floral arrangements arrived weeks ago. The packaging and direct mail pieces were designed months ago. The outdoor garden plants were seeded locally in Boston's inner city in January. Every day from May 1st through May 11th, cut flowers will be arriving from Ecuador, Maine, New Jersey, Costa Rica, Columbia, California and Holland. We are floral importers. Every one of the fresh cut flowers in our Boston floral design studio has been hand selected and tested to exceed the needs of all our New England flower buyers and recipients.

Boston flowers from Mothers Day floristThis year (2014) entrust your Mother's Day flowers to your local Boston florist. We have been a family owned and operated florist for over 75 years. Do not leave your Mother's Day order to chance. She is too important. Flowers should not be left at a doorstop in a cardboard box. Her flowers should arrive artfully arranged and hand delivered.

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Do You Tip the Boston Flower Delivery Guy on Valentine's Day ?

Posted by Rick Canale on Tue, Feb 11, 2014

describe the image
Although many of our drivers at Exotic Flowers do not look like Ashton Kutcher, they do love their job. Our two senior drivers have been with us for more than 20 years combined.
Delivering flowers in Boston can be stressful, but also rewarding. What better way to share an emotion with someone than handing them a beautiful flower arrangement.
At Exotic Flowers our Boston flower buyers often ask us if they should tip the driver ? Please do. Our drivers do not expect gratuities, but they sure do appreciate them.
Thank you for sharing your Boston Valentine's Day with Exotic Flowers.

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Comedienne @SherylUnderwood Tells Guys How to Send Flowers

Posted by Rick Canale on Tue, Jan 14, 2014

sheryl underwood " Every woman in the room loves flowers, Am I right ladies ?" - Sheryl Underwood

In her recent show 'Herlarious', comic Sheryl Underwood tells men there is a right way and wrong way to send flowers. 

In her stand up act, Underwood states, "don't just send the flowers to the house where only I see the flowers. Send them flowers to my job, where the bitch I can't stand sees how I get down!"

This statement resonates. At Exotic Flowers in Boston, we always get feedback from recipients of flowers. Yes, women do love getting flowers at work. Getting flowers at work shows your co-workers that you care. So guys pay attention. Find out her address. If she works in Cambridge, find out which street. Also if you know if she works on the 40th floor of the John Hancock, your florist in Boston needs to know that to ensure a timely flower delivery.

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Night Train Veeck: A Day-Late Flower Delivery Is Like a Day-Late Pizza Delivery

Posted by Rick Canale on Thu, Oct 03, 2013

Night Train Veeck -

 I ordered flowers yesterday for same day delivery (in the Chicago area) at just after 1 pm. Moment was lost, they didn't get there, she still hasn't received them, and I have received practically automated responses from their end haha. I'm disappointed, but still optimistic they will make it right. Anyway, this is the email I sent.chicago flowers resized 600

Hello Jocelyn,
I appreciate the email -- I have been in contact on the phone and emailing with several different people now, and I still haven't gotten any sort of confirmation or status. You say it was attempted, though, the recipient was at work all day yesterday until six pm, and she mentioned she never received. Maybe it was attempted shortly after then, but wouldn't that still be late by your standards?
I had someone named April call me yesterday that left a message, and I called back only to get another person that told me to call back in the morning. I called this morning (very early, around eight, so I didn't expect the florist to be open, which I totally understand) and she mentioned she made a note to follow up ASAP when they opened. 

As of now, I haven't heard anything back from any party, and am really starting to wonder if she will ever get these flowers. I tracked on your website, and there is no confirmation. When same day, and freshness is touted as much as it is on your website, and neither quite happen, it is a little disappointing, I must admit. 
I do appreciate, though,  that you guys have been in contact with me, and I actually have one phone call that was missed from a "No ID" number. Who knows whether that was someone on your end getting in touch or another person, but there was no voice mail, so I really have no way to tell who it was. 
cold pizza 9045 resized 600
It's similar to ordering a pizza. Ordering a pizza that you don't get until the next day still will be pretty good when reheated because, hey, it's pizza! And Pizza is great. Who doesn't enjoy a good pizza? But when you ordered that pizza (with enough time and within all of the parameters!), and you get it late (a whole day!), and have to see that it is reheated, you sort of miss that pizza moment, and the enchantment is lessened, and all that wonder, beauty, excitement and happiness that you get from seeing, smelling and biting into your first bite of said delicious pizza is just not the same. 
As you can see, I really enjoy pizza, so my apologies for the lengthy email and analogy (especially if you don't eat pizza!, yikes!), but I just want to make sure that much like beautiful pizza, that this very special woman, and even though the moment is lost, gets her beautiful flowers.
Is there any chance that you can help?
Thanks again for everything, and I hope to hear from you soon.
Night Train Veeck
Night Train Veeck is a great guy and you can follow him on Twitter at VeeckAsInWreck. Some of you may recognize his name. Night Train is the son of Minor League Baseball legend and "Fun Is Good" author Mike Veeck. He is also the grandson of marketing genius, Baseball Hall of Famer and one of my heroes Bill Veeck. As you can see, the apple does not fall far from the tree.
veeck resized 600
At Exotic Flowers in Boston, we love pizza too and will make sure your flowers are never like a late pizza delivery.

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" Are Those Flowers for Me ? "

Posted by Rick Canale on Thu, Feb 16, 2012

If you ever delivered flowers in Boston or any city before, you have heard those words. It shows how much people love to receive flowers. Of course 999 times out of 1000, the flowers are often for someone else.

Exotic Flowers in Boston feels everyone deserves flowers. So we have supplied our drivers with the perfect weapon when someone asks if that Boston flower delivery is for them.

Welcome to the "Are Those for Me ? " card.

three free roses in boston

Next time you see an Exotic Flowers delivery person delivering flowers. Ask him, 'are those for me ?' That driver will say, 'not quite but these are.' He will then hand you a coupon for three free roses at Exotic Flowers in Boston.

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Top Five Reasons Why Florists Hate Valentine's Day

Posted by Rick Canale on Fri, Feb 10, 2012

  1. It all happens in one day. Everyone wants delivery on the day and everyone wants it early. 
  2. Weather - we are at the will of Mother Nature. If it snows, we are screwed.
  3. Prices - on Valentine's day a florist's rose prices double, of course we cannot double our prices so we work on a much slimmer margin.
  4. Media types cutting down flowers. Scientific research from Rutgers University proves flowers make people happy.
  5. Proflowers - their $19.99 street peddler type roses create the wrong image of the importance of receiving beautiful hand delivered arranged flowers.
I would love for my colleagues to share their dislikes too. Please share your comments below.

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There is No Free Flower Delivery in Boston

Posted by Rick Canale on Tue, Feb 22, 2011

Free Flower Delivery in BostonJust like a pizza company who boasts free delivery, flower shops in the Boston area often mention free delivery. Keep in mind, just like the pizza that is sold for $15 delivered versus the $10 pizza plus delivery; flowers cannot be delivered free in Boston. Let the buyer beware of the florist who states 'delivery included' or 'free delivery to all Boston hospitals and funeral home,'.

It's basic arithmetic. How can a florist offer free delivery in Boston ? A driver makes an hourly wage plus benefits, gas is over $3 per gallon, a vehicle requires maintenance, excise tax, registration fees not to mention the scarcity of Boston parking and the ubiquitous Boston meter maids.

At Exotic Flowers in Boston, we charge a reasonable delivery charge from $5 to $12 depending on the location. Unfortunately, Exotic Flowers still loses money every year on deliveries. A swift warning to all Boston flower clients, a florist needs to charge for delivery or she will go out of business. If an established florist claims they are not charging you for delivery, that florist is making that revenue loss up in another hidden fee. Unfortunately, that hidden fee could be a less glamorous floral arrangement.

Boston Flower DeliveryDelivering flowers in Boston is a challenge. From crowded loading docks to post 9/11 security; traffic james and bad addresses; the life of a Boston flower delivery person can be stressful. The job is also quite rewarding. Recipients of flowers are often quite happy to see you. Drivers are often flagged by passers by with "for me ? you shouldn't have." You never know. Those flowers could be for you. If not, ask an Exotic Flowers driver for a business card.


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