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Exotic Flowers in Boston

Boston's Exotic Flowers Featured in Floriology Magazine

Posted by Rick Canale on Fri, May 18, 2012

At Exotic Flowers in Boston, we actively contribute to floral associations. We are members of FTD, Teleflora and the Society of American Florists, (SAF). We exchance ideas with our colleagues and are always looking to learn so that we may remain Boston's Premier Florist.

Recently, Exotic Flowers and myself were featured in Bloomnet Magazine floriology. Below is the article in its entirety written by Fred Russell in April 2012 edition.

Exotic Flowers floriology

From Facebook to Twitter and everything in between Rick Canale is LinkedIn to everything social.


Rick of Exotic Flowers inBostonis a third generation florist and an industry leader in using social media to help promote his business. Growing up in theBostonarea Rick would help out his parents Sonny and Marie doing a little bit of everything. After attendingBostonCollegeas Liberal Arts major in the early 90’s, Rick went to work full time at the family business that started over 50 years ago.


“Most of our marketing is reinforcing our current clientele”, says Rick. “We combine an aggressive direct mail marketing plan and mix in social media to remain relevant and top of mind”, he adds. Rick sees his new customers result mostly from referral business and a lot from local search engines like Google, Yelp and Foursquare. Because Rick looks at his current customers as an avenue for getting new ones he consistently targets them on different platforms to stay relevant and keep people talking about them.


When it comes to social media Rick was an early adapter and could foresee the movement coming quickly. “You have to collect ‘likes’ on your Facebook page like baseball cards”, says Rick. Between his Facebook friends and Twitter followers Rick has well over 1,000 contacts. This is a lot of potential consumers at your fingertips that can be easily reached at a moments notice. Rick is also very active on his blog ( which attracts 6,000 unique visitors a month and tries to reach out to his customers via a social avenue three to five times a week. “I write about everything; from social issues, what’s going on inBoston, baseball or top five movies of the week”, says Rick. “You don’t always want to make it about you and be to self serving, you just want to be out there so people see your name”. Rick likens it to a Presidential Campaign, “it’s all about shaking hands and kissing babies!”


Rick also monitors closely what people are saying about his shop. He uses Hubspot (www.hubspot) to monitor activity. He gets a notification that his shop name is being mentioned somewhere. “I jump right in and answer questions, talk about the shop and they’re floored to get that quick reaction”. He also monitors what his contemporaries are blogging and follows them on Twitter. “You can always learn from what other people are doing and see if I’m missing anything. I also find a lot of inspiration by looking at what my peers are doing”.


One of the things Rick has asked himself is how do you keep your website and social customer’s loyal? “When we get a first time order on a website order we send the customer a hand written note thanking them for our business”. Rick also sends a personal business card, not just one with the store name to give it a more personal touch. Rick also stays away from discounting and feels it’s unnecessary because they always have great products and are always competitively priced and once you discount your customers will expect it. “There’s no way I’m going to compete with someone selling $9.99 rose and that’s not what we’re about.

Rick plans on continuing to use social media in his marketing plan and thinks Twitter is still in its beginning is about to boom. Rick suggests the Twitter community is just another form of blogging and a great way to catch a customer’s attention with a quick, catchy message. As far as another recent social phenomena—Pinterest, Rick compares it to a coffee table book. “Everybody loves coffee table books, but how often do you read them?” With the recent fascination Rick will observe it’s progress and develop a presence down the road.


Be sure to follow Rick on Twitter @RickCanale!


Owner: Rick Canale


Shop: Exotic Flowers




Employees: 10 full time


Established: 1957



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Customer Service for Florists is About Doing What is Right

Posted by Rick Canale on Wed, May 16, 2012

boston graduation flowers resized 600 Having been a Boston florist for more than seventy five years, Exotic Flowers has seen our share of mistakes and mishaps. We have made some errors along the way and have witnessed some of the best ecuadorian roses wilt without explanation. As a top florist in Boston, we have a responsibility to our clients. If things go wrong, we make them right. When people buy flowers, they are often sending their emotions.

graduation flowers in boston resized 600 At Exotic Flowers in Boston, we send thousands of our orders around the world. We have a great list of florists who we send flowers to for our clients. These florists practice the same customer service skills as Exotic Flowers and send similar outstanding flowers arrangements as well. These florists like Exotic Flowers are in high demand and sell out fast. Sometimes like Valentine's Day and Mother's Day we use other flower shops to get your last minute orders out. Sometimes these shops mess up.

For example, we recently used a flower shop in Lithonia, Georgia. We were assured by the owner Victoria that our delivery was in good hands. Guess what ? Victoria messed up and lost the order and the delivery did not get made. Everyone makes mistakes, but owning up to them is key to making things right. Victoria was truly sorry, but had no clue how to make things right. Victoria should have offered a new arrangement at no charge. Alas she did not. At Exotic Flowers, we stepped up; refunded the customer, paid for the price of replacement and sent the sender a box of Godiva of chocolates. It was not in the name of saving the customer, but in the name of doing the right thing.

The sender even kindly sent this note us: "Thank you for your courtesy. My mother was really pleased to receive her flowers. They are beautiful. 

You are very much appreciated. And you have our continued support. 



Sometimes our staff may be rushed and under stress and may be referred to as The Surly Florists in Boston. Everything we do at Exotic Flowers is about doing what is right. We are a member of the community. 

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Exotic Flowers in Boston Garners National Recognition for Quality

Posted by Rick Canale on Mon, Mar 05, 2012

ftd boston resized 600 Recently we received national recognition from both FTD and Teleflora for our achievements in quality and success as a local Boston flower shop. 

Exotic Flowers recently was awarded quality star performance from FTD for 2011. "The purpose of awarding the FTD Quality Star is to highlight and celebrate florists who provide superior quality." At Exotic Flowers in Boston, we work every day to exceed our clients expectations for any Boston flower purchase. Whether you buy one red rose at Exotic Flowers in Roslindale or the wedding staff at Exotic Flowers creates more than fifty centerpieces for your Boston wedding, our Boston flower shop works hard for our clients.

On the heels of the FTD quality star, Teleflora has anointed Exotic Flowers in Boston as National Account for the fifteenth year in a row. 

Teleflora National Account Boston resized 600

The Teleflora National Accounts program recognizes the success of local florists. The National Accounts are comprised of the top 5% of more than 15,000 Teleflora flower shops nationwide. At Exotic Flowers we send flowers worldwide every day. The Teleflora and FTD networks enable us to send flower from Boston to Belgium - Milton to Miami - Roslindale to Russia.  

We can send flowers nationwide, even for same day flower delivery. 

Some clients ask; why send to New York from Exotic when I can get airmiles through FTD ? It is quite simple, if you care about the person, use Exotic Flowers. We have been in business more than fifty years. We attend trade shows, conventions, visit flower shops and send test orders. Why use Exotic for flowers in New York, because my friend Nic at Starbright will do a great job for you. Can 1800flowers promise that ? I doubt it.

starbright florist new york

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Can a Lingerie Model Sell Valentine's Day Flowers in Boston ?

Posted by Rick Canale on Fri, Jan 27, 2012

adriana lima resized 600
Exotic Flowers in Boston is a proud partner of Teleflora. Our ability to send quality flowers and spectacular arrangements worldwide through their network makes Teleflora a perfect partner for our third generation Boston florist. Teleflora also offers our staff technology and marketing support as well. In 2011, Teleflora partnered with singer Faith Hill. The Faith Hill collection was a huge success for Exotic Flowers in Boston.
Now Teleflora is setting the stakes even higher. Choosing to get a little edgier, they are enlisting Victoria's Secret lingerie model Adriana Lima to help sell flowers.
lingerie model flowers resized 600
Can a lingerie model sell flowers in Boston ? I think so. At least I know, Adriana can help Exotic Flowers in Boston sell more flowers. Adriana Lima like Exotic Flowers is all about Reaction Guaranteed. 
“The thing I love the most about this ad is that everything happens in a very intimate moment, in a romantic place,” Lima revealed. “Men will learn about the emotions women feel and how important a gift of flowers is to us on Valentine’s Day. I know you guys will like it.”
adriana lima boston florist resized 600

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Exotic Flowers Boston Unveils a Sneak Peak for Christmas Gifts

Posted by Rick Canale on Tue, Jul 05, 2011

boston christmas flowers 1Yes, I know it's July. The weather is great and I do not wish to remind us how bad the winter of 2011 was. At Exotic Flowers in Boston, we are already accepting Christmas items and designing our holiday ads and direct mail pieces. Our goal at Exotic Flowers in Boston is to be a special part of your Christmas for 2011.  Leading off is our Colors of Christmas Centerpiece. The design of this floral arrangement is sure to bring star power to the table. The highlights of this arrangement include a hand-blown glass bowl, festive colors, elegant curves and our very own ecuadorean roses. Not only can Exotic Flowers send all our items throughout the Boston area, but we can also send these Christmas flowers throughout North America.

boston kinkade christmas flowersOur perennial holiday best seller is back again at Exotic Flowers in Boston. Partnering again with the Artist of Light via Teleflora; Exotic Flowers unveils Thomas Kinkade's Christmas Carolers Bouquet. Highlights of this Kinkade keepsake include our ecuadorean spray roses. Batteries are included. This Kinkade village plays the Christmas carol "Deck the Halls" and also lights up. Exotic Flowers now ignites your senses with sight, scent, touch and sound with this stunning Christmas gift.

Radko Boston Christmas FlowersKeeping in partnership with Christmas' stars; Exotic Flowers has once again partnered with Radko via Teleflora. Exotic Flowers is adding another keepsake ornament jar for your collection known as The Glitter and Shine Ornament, Celebrations by Radko. This Christmas gift will likely sell out again in 2011.

Chilly Billy Boston Christmas FlowersRemember Woody Woodpecker ? This bouquet hugger looks a lot like Chilly Willie. Known as the Send a Hug Penguin, this cute design is a surefire smile for all recipients. When you cannot give a hug, send a hug.

Christmas is such an important holiday. Start your own tradition in 2011 with flowers.

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Boston Florist to Miss SAF Growth Solutions in Dallas

Posted by Rick Canale on Wed, Jun 22, 2011

Retail Florist

The 2011 SAF Growth Solutions is a three day conference for retail florists to explore current retail trends, consumer shopping preferences, how to find growth opportunities, attracting today's shoppers and increasing the average sale. The conference speakers and facilitators provide practical and proven ideas that improve productivity and increase profits.

Exotic Flowers in Boston has been a florist member in good standing with SAF (the Society of American Florists) for many years. Exotic Flowers believes in the importance of SAF's mission to represent the floral industry and promote its growth. One of SAF's goals is to share the joy of giving and receiving fresh flowers. Exotic Flowers in Boston has been doing just that for over seventy five years.

Boston BegoniasExotic Flowers is not only a proud member of SAF, but also Teleflora and FTD. Through these organizations Exotic Flowers can send flowers worldwide. Our participation in these organizations enables Exotic Flowers to serve not only our Boston residents, but flower buying clients throughout the world.

The staff at Exotic Flowers in Boston is a bit disappointed in missing the conference. Not only does the staff at Exotic Flowers learn from its colleagues; the staff at Exotic Flowers and Lombardi Florist in Roslindale network to build upon our online relationships.

For example, when a client in Boston sends flowers to Princeton, New Jersey; the client can breathe easy. Exotic Flowers has a great relationship with Monday Morning Flowers and the owners Kevin and Georgianne Vinicombe will treat Exotic Flowers' clients the same way they treat their own. These florist to florist relationships are the primary reason our clients choose worldwide delivery over companies like 1-800-Flowers and Justflowers.

BusinessClinic RickCana7395

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Exotic Flowers in Boston Partners with Faith Hill via Teleflora

Posted by Rick Canale on Sat, Mar 12, 2011



Faith Hill in Boston

Country singer Faith Hill has sold over 40 million records worldwide. Faith has a huge fan base that spans many musical genres. Faith Hill is fresh off a new Super Bowl commerical showcasing the advantage sending flowers professionally designed and hand delivered by a florist.

Faith Hill Flower Shop

The commercial did create come controversy, but the results of increased sales for florists and Teleflora justify the commercial as a success and more importantly that superstar Faith Hill can influence purchasing.

Faith Flower flower shop

Exotic Flowers remains a member of the elite presidential circle at Teleflora. Through our partnership with Teleflora, Exotic Flowers locations in Boston and Roslindale along with is proud to ally ourselves with this icon.

Faith Hill floristThe celebrity endoresement for the flower industry is long overdue. Merlin Olsen (with FTD) was a great spokesman, but certainly not the brand that influences purchasing like Faith Hill. Exotic Flowers in Boston will have a Faith Hill category online which will update seasonally with Faith Hill's selections.




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