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Kids' Flower Bouquets

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Jul 17, 2017

It’s summertime and parents all over New England are looking for fun activities to distract and entertain the kiddies for the next several months.  Hopefully encouraging them to play outside, there are so many wonderful things to do to pass the time, many of which you can find hidden in your own backyard.  If you have a child who particularly loves gardening, here’s an idea that might be perfect for you!  Do you have a bed of flowers and a few old masons jars lying around that need to be repurposed?  If you do, here is an excellent craft to teach your children while also bringing the beauty of summertime into your homes.


photo credit via aboutflowers.com

Kid-Friendly Directions for Making Arrangements


Cutting Shears Masons Jars

Water Flowers

Green Thumb


(Your child will need to be supervised during this activity.)

  1.  Take the cutting shears and snip off shoots that are bright in color of differentiating lengths.  Depending on the child’s age, you may want him or her to do their own cuttings so you’ll want to remind them of the plants they are allowed to snip and the ones they are not.  Excellent species to use for this type of arrangement are catmint, hydrangea, nasturtiums, campanula, yarrow, sunflowers, sedum, butterfly bush and lavender.  

  1.  Fill the masons jar with warm, temperate water (not cold) and set aside.

  1.  Once you have your floral clippings ready, place one at a time in the vase, fluctuating between colors and lengths to design an attractive an interesting piece.  Be sure to turn the jar as you add stems to avoid off balanced bouquets and clumping.  Try to only touch a flower once as well because the more times the petals are disturbed, the greater chance of bruising or breakage.

  1.  Once you have filled the vase, bring the piece inside and place on your table.  If you have more spare containers and an overflowing garden bed, create several others and gift to loved ones and neighbors.  

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Perfect Petals for Pregnancy

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Jun 30, 2017

If you are soon expecting a bouncing baby boy or girl, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed about what’s to come…  It is a time for joy but it can also be a little anxiety driven due to big changes soon to come.  For many women, they are well versed on how to take care of this situation during pregnancy and stock up well in advance with things that relieve their discomfort.  For some, lavender infused tea may due the trick and for others a soothing massage could be what gets the kinks out.  Comfort foods, soft clothing, long naps, a relaxing walk and fizzy bubble baths are just a few of the medicines many pregnant women utilize.  

pregnancy flowers.jpg

photo credit via http://www.karenscottreflexology.com

If you are a lover of flowers, you might want to consider a simple aromatherapy tactic that doctors and florists swear by.  No, you don’t have to drink elixirs filled with petals or swallow an all-natural pill with remnants of roots or leaves to make you feel better.  The answer is simple when looking to implement blossoms to ease expecting mom’s irritability, soreness and other common maladies related to pregnancy.  It is a proven fact that by selecting certain varieties of flowers to be placed inside the home, you can alleviate a multitude of symptoms just by having them near you.  Based on color and scent, floral designers can actually create perfect arrangements that will help mom feel happier and healthier.  If you are a soon-to-be who is having a difficult time adjusting to Mother Nature’s calling, try these helpful plant ideas to help you find a source of restful peace.


If you are looking to select flowers based on their color, you might want to pick up a bunch or purple iris or yellow daffodils.  Science says that purple and yellow are instant triggers to encourage tranquility and serenity.  While it is commonplace to give pregnant women bouquets of either pink or blue in relation to the baby’s sex, experts insist the other options available might be a better choice.  


This is a tricky area because many expecting moms suffer from over sensitivity when it comes to their sniffers.  Stay away from strong scented species such as roses and lilies and opt for a softer smelling variety like sweet pea or ranunculus.  The last thing you want to do is make her even more nauseous than she already is so be sure to ask your florist for suggestions.

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Our Favorite Green Flowers

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Jun 26, 2017

Many people prefer the color green when asked for their favorite shade but what do you do when selecting the same tint in your flowers?   Sure, red, orange, yellow, blue, purple, and pink are easy to come by in the floral world but green is a lot harder.  If it makes you feel any better, a person who is drawn to this shade is often considered exotic in nature, much like the varieties that might appeal to you!  It’s a common misconception that lovers of green will only have the option of selecting dyed green carnations or roses, which are – less face it - only a practical decision around Saint Patrick’s Day.  


The truth be told, I can assure you, there is in fact a multitude of gorgeous flowers grown in your preferred likeness.  Although few existed decades ago, green has become a trendy color, increasing the shade’s demand.  Botanists and growers spend millions of dollars cultivating this fashion forward hue so that customers like you can enjoy them!  If you’re not sure where to begin, check out this list of spectacular green blooms that can be ordered from your local florist.


Green Anthurium

If green is your color, you might want to become knowledgeable about tropical plants and flowers because there are many species available to you.  Preferring climates with warmer wet conditions, it is a safe bet New England won’t have many of this type of flora and fauna harvesting in the fields although they are shipped here quite regularly.  One sample is the anthurium, which has a shiny textured surface and a heart-shaped head.  They can get a bit pricey but are well worth the cost because they are long lasting and stunning to behold.  


Green Hellebores

This variety is one of my all time favorites to grow in my garden but I also adore it as a cut flower, too!  These heart spring blossoms have pretty star heads and are attached in clumps much like hydrangea.  Depending on the type, the green can sometimes change to maroon as the season wears on but there’s also a soft shade of emerald that carries with the flower while it is still in bloom.  


Green Succulents

If you haven’t been introduced to succulents yet, I bet they will be right up your alley because they grow in a wide array of greens ranging from light to darker shades.  You can place these inside your house in pots or enjoy them out on the patio during the warmer temperatures.  They’ll be easy to find as well since most greenhouses carry succulents, being a popular purchase for gardeners.  

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The Magical Properties of Flowers

Posted by Suzie Canale on Wed, Jun 21, 2017

Flowers are capable of providing us with many benefits including aromatherapy, visual stimulation and beautiful décor to name just a few.  We enjoy the color, the shape and texture which we use as ornamental items in our houses, yards and even business offices to elevate our moods and general well being.  Florists will be the first ones to tell you the positive attributes of placing bouquets throughout living spaces and there is even evidence that doing so can elongate a person’s lifespan.  That’s pretty incredible, right?  But what if I was to tell you that certain flowers also possessed a bit of magic?  No really, I mean it!


Those practicing the art of spell work and other related mysteries beyond our world would tell you that there is indeed a relationship between true enchantment and blooms.  While not every petal you find can produce a mystical forth giving, there are those that can provide healing such as cleansing, peace and wisdom.  Still not buying this yet?  Take a peek at these flowers that have been known to work their magic beyond the human realm…


Black Eyed Susan’s for example are tied to being connected to those who have passed away.  For loved ones who are no longer with us, this summer perennial is said to be an inducer for mediumship.  It is said if you place them by your home you will increase your chances of calling loved ones who are now deceased into your dreams.   


The Hollyhock is also an interesting plant to study since it’s said to bind you to your past lives.  Hollyhock is believed to accentuate the ability to remember who you were in terms of reincarnation where you may be able to “sense” certain previous relationships, skills and life journeys from long ago.


Lilies are something you might want to invest in if you are thinking about re-landscaping your yard because they are known to attract angels-yes angels!  In doing so, you are inspiring safety, peace and spiritual wellness to surround your home.  

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The Best Orange Flowers

Posted by Olive Smith on Fri, Jun 16, 2017

What flowers are excellent choices if your favorite color is orange?  TONS!  Orange is a very popular color in the flower industry for a few reasons…  First of all, the tint has many cultural ties as well as several symbolic meanings associated with worldly celebrations, holidays and other rites.  The second reason attains to the usefulness designers have with this shade since it contrasts nicely against both bold and light colors.  The third explanation for the high demand of orange blossoms is simply because it makes people HAPPY!  I general, those who are attracted to this color are known to be upbeat, enthusiastic and energetic so having a bouquet in the same color spectrum will only boost you further up!  If you think you’re at a loss of knowledge when it comes to orange flowers then keep reading.  Here are a few examples of blooms that might just be the right match for you!

  1. Orange Lilies-Otherwise known as “Tiger Lilies” these star-like flowers can grow just about anywhere as well as be picked for indoor centerpieces.  Due to their adaptable living capability, there are no shortages of this variety, causing purchases to be affordable and accessible.

  1. Orange Helenium- I love orange helenium and almost always include at least two planting every year within my garden.  The sweet face is joyful in itself plus the wildflower will regenerate and spread if the temperature and weather conditions are suitable.  A tip to the wise, helenium behaves better outside and will last longer if not used as a cut flower.

  1. Orange Marigolds- I have fond memories of my great aunts growing marigolds on their windowsills as a child and remember how the frilly edged blooms brightened up their faces.  Yes, some people might believe these flowers are old fashioned but really, they remain a favorite to many.  Marigolds are also hearty so they will do well in bud vases as well as potted plants.

  1. Birds of Paradise- These exotic flowers are a huge hit for those who enjoy tropical plants and flowers because of their unusual structure and cool presence within arrangements.  The head honestly looks like a bird and is perfect for parties and events where you want to make a big impact.

  1. Orange Protea- Protea is another favorite for orange flowers and has several properties, which make it desirable to customers.  Typically grown in Africa, they are shipped here, where they are used quite often in dramatic centerpieces essential for upscale events (they aren’t cheap to buy but worth it).  Their longevity also makes them attractive as well as the unusual texture of soft needles extending throughout the entire head.  Want one more reason to pick up a few stems of protea?  These flowers mix well with others or are perfect standing alone.


Flower credit via Flower Factor

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Top Five Red Flowers

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Jun 05, 2017

We all have our favorite color.  In many cases, we’ll most likely try to surround ourselves with as much of this particular pigmentation as possible including within our home décor, clothing and even the car we choose to drive.  We even tend to select flowers in the shade we prefer often possessing a love for a particular variety based on our favorite color.  I know it sounds strange but next time you visit your local florist, pay attention to what you’re buying and I bet you’ll see I’m right!  Due to this phenomenon, wouldn’t it be helpful to have a list of blooms that fit into your individual spectrum making it easier for future floral purchases?  Since many professionals are doing just this within their shops, why now browse beforehand to ensure your next experience will be a successful one!  


Photo credit via Jeff Leatham

What to look for if your favorite color is RED.

  1. Red Gerbera Daisies- These happy flowers are available almost anywhere and will likely survive for at least one week if purchased by a reputable florist.  Their heads are usually large in size and resemble a daisy having similar shaped petals.  
  2. Red Roses- You might think that red roses are boring but the truth is, they still remain the most popular species in the world. A true classic in the flower world, red roses now grow in a multitude of different shades such as a lighter orange/red to deep crimson.  Talk to your designer about what tint you want and I am confident they can point you in the right direction.
  3. Red Amaryllis- Typically associated with the Yuletide season, red amaryllis can either be purchased as a cut stem or as a bulb, which you can plant outside in the spring.  The flowering head is formed like a bell and has yellow seeded pollen prongs located in the center.  If you have no patience for quick blooming blossoms, then you’ll love the amaryllis because it’s known for its longevity. 
  4. Red Poppies- Now these are some of my favorites both inside and outside of the garden and have a special place in my yard each and every year.  This sexy variety is often associated with romance and passion, probably due to the beautiful silkiness of its petals as well as its funky curving of the stem.  If you’re growing them outside, be sure to sprinkle the seeds inside the pods at the end of the season so they’ll return to you again next year!
  5. Red Anthurium- This tropical stunner is another long living specimen, which is predominantly imported from warmer climates such as Africa and Singapore.  The beauty of this flower is in its waxy surface as well as its heart-shaped structure, which makes it perfect for Valentine’s Day or as a plant in your home.

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Cool Recycled Containers for Flower Arranging

Posted by Suzie Canale on Sat, May 20, 2017

We exist in a decade where it is of the utmost importance to begin paying more attention to caring for our earth.  The “Green Movement” was initiated to educate people about how to nourish, heal and inspire future growth with the environment.  After noticing drastic depletion of natural resources, science experts and nature lovers banded together to make it their mission to put our planet’s health at top priority.  By learning how to recycle, conserve and become more eco-friendly, we can all do our part to assist this incredibly important endeavor.  


The neat thing about becoming involved with the “Green Movement” is that people are drawn from all sorts of aspects and careers.  Even FLORISTS have recognized the need to intertwine sustainability into their business practices and do their part to be environmentally responsible.  The good thing is they’re already one step ahead since their main product is biodegradable.  By spreading the love for living plants and flowers, florists actually inspire others to recognize the importance of caring more about the growth and greenery around us.  Not only that, but floral professionals are also well knowledged in their subject and are happy to educate customers about plant care and other topics relevant to the species they carry.


Other ways that florists show their interest in our Earth is the accessories they use to market their product line.  For instance, the vases that arrangements are delivered in are a consideration when asking if they are fit for our environment.  Materials that are non-biodegradable are frowned upon and instead being replaced by other options which fit the bill.  Vases made from plastic are out while others produced out of wood and glass is more acceptable.  You don’t have to wait to purchase your own if you are interested in trying your hand at “green” floral designing either!  Search around the house and see if any of these items are hiding somewhere and use them to make fun, environmentally responsible bouquets and centerpieces!

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She Brought Flowers

Posted by Rick Canale on Sun, Mar 26, 2017


 This is the first in a series of Exotic Flowers videos. We will publishing four videos per month to celebrate flowers and plants and the effects they have on our lives.

She Brought Flowers and He is Never Letting Go  reminds us that flowers are often bought for men as well as women.


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Flower Inspired Facebook Posts

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Aug 12, 2016

Facebook is the number #1 leading social media site, propelling millions upon millions of account users to post updates, share links and upload photos that reflect their everyday life and interests.  If you’re reading this, your probably one of us and understands this as pretty much a truth pertaining to your daily routine.  Checking in, “liking” or even just casually scrolling down the feed, browsing our “friends” pages has become a way to keep in touch and pass along ideas and feelings that affect us and the world we live in.  This new form of communication efficiently links us together, forming one big network of information.  Plus- it’s a lot of fun, too!

So what does this have to do with a blog dedicated to flowers?


Recently I came across a post by a friend that featured a picture and a lovely saying, decorated with illustrated pink poppies.  The message simply read, “AND the DAY CAME when the risk to remain in a TIGHT BUD was more painful than the RISK it took to BLOSSOM.”  


Sweet, right?  The point of the quote is straight forward enough which conveys encouragement to the take leaps to grow because the fear of doing so becomes more hurtful to stay the same than the bravery do go ahead and try.  


I love it.  The post did exactly what it was meant to do and that was to give me the little extra boost I may have needed for the day.  So if you’re one of the many faithful Facebook users who are into this sort of thing, here are a few more inspiring thoughts thematic after flowers!


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