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Exotic Flowers in Boston

2015 Flowers at The Oscars Parties

Posted by Suzie Canale on Tue, Feb 24, 2015

Once again, Oscar night managed to dazzle millions as we all tuned in to watch our favorite stars receive their awards of recognition.  An evening filled with fabulous costumes, glamorous hairstyles and exquisite décor, this beloved movie tradition has maintained its reputation of being one of the most anticipated events of the year.  One of the reasons is because of the sheer creativity that goes into planning the party including the jobs of the sound technicians, lighting experts and most importantly, the floral experts.  Once again, Mark’s Gardens of Sherman Oaks, California, managed to steal the post celebration party scene for flowers incorporating spectacular pieces throughout the location inspiring new styles that left many in awe.  Diverging from last year’s presentation of mixed bouquets, the clever florist decided to add a chic and bold theme to the 78th annual Oscar festivities. 


                                photo credit: Mark's Garden Facebook Page

The vases that were made for the guest’s dining tables were truly a site to behold due to their electric color and soothing shape.  Utilizing orchids, roses and ranunculus, the team manifested both high and low mounds of single variety blossoms in a rounded design.  The color scheme was both attractive and sophisticated ranging from vibrant red and yellow to electric green and pink.  The mix and -match combinations worked well in the dimly lit room and added a pop of drama that complicated the linens, wall color and wardrobes of the actors.  Retro lighting goblets with raised emblems that were tucked in between the arrangements also completed the look by casting a glowing light on the settings.  This old Hollywood style came off as a hit where the room also featured antique portraits of famous movie stars, reminding all in attendance of the honor to be present for such a treasured event. 

 oscars_flowers                                           photo credit: Mark's Garden Los Angeles, CA

Another fabulous floral creation that was erected was a bed of ruby red roses that served as a stage for the Oscar statue mounted outside of the Dolby Theater.  The breathtaking display greeted the red carpet parade and inspired others who waited outside anxiously.  The statue was flattered by the mess free design and benefited from the particular shade of the blooms.  Differing from the burgundy roses used within the table centerpieces, this variety reflected a perky pink, which was a perfect accessory for the high standing luminous gold Oscar as well as kicking off the celebrations with a magnificent bang.


                                            photo credit: Mark's Garden, Los Angeles CA

This year, Mark’s Garden’s did not disappoint and held worth of the glamour and glitz Oscar night always promises to deliver.  We can’t wait to see what he creates next year! 

Suzie Canale, Westwood, MA

Suzie's favorite night for TV is Oscar night. Like some celebrate the Oscars, Suzie celebrates the Oscars.

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Valentines Day Flowers for the Stars

Posted by Suzie Canale on Mon, Feb 09, 2015

Boston’s not the only city gearing up for a spectacular Valentine’s Day!  Hollywood starlets are reeling in the upcoming holiday events with plans of glamorous wardrobes, decadent restaurant cuisine and most importantly, their exquisite bouquets of flowers!  Top actresses of the silver screen each appreciate a specific variety of blossoms congruent to their own style and personalities, which engage specialized California florists within the challenge of meeting each expectation.  While some prefer the traditional bundle of roses, others prefer a more symmetrical design of orchids and grape vine branches causing the pros to stock up on a wide spectrum of blooming goodies.  Judging from the previous trends that these A-Listers have promoted in the past, here are the Valentine’s Day arrangement predictions for 2015. 


Jennifer Aniston

What does Justin Theroux give his newly Golden Globe nominee fiancée, Jen Anniston, for Valentine’s Day flowers when he really wants to impress her?  Something sweet, something bright, something that says Malibu beach girl of course!  Since the actress’s favorite color is blue (she loves the ocean) and she propels an easy going but streamlined presence, I would go with blue hybrid delphinium as the sure fire winner.  The stocky stems giving off a “bang” reaction and can be arranged on their own with that “no fuss” attitude Ms. Aniston seems to play off so well. 


Tori Spelling

The new mom of four has had a tough year so far so her husband Dean McDermott better get his act together quick when it comes to giving his wife a perfect floral bouquet this February.  Although the actress loves the shade of green, she is a known gardener and says that her dream is actually to become Martha Stewart!  Dean might like to take this information and request a miniature gardeners box from his florist who can line the container with green moss and plant miniature plants inside.  The presentation is stunning and gives the “long lasting” impression instead of a dozen roses that might die in a week.  This might be a better theme for him to stick to considering his present marital state. 


Angelina Jolie

Since her nemeses, Jen Aniston, loves blue so much, I would bet that Angelina is going to want the complete opposite.  Mr. Pitt should be mindful of giving his wife anything that says, “common” like roses or tulips, it’s just not a good match for the woman who seeks to step over every line of “ordinary”.  Sophisticated but definitely possessing a dark side, a vase full of white Philanopsis might lighten this actresses aura while also complicating her sleek outer image.  These orchids require little to know maintenance, which also may come in handy while parenting six children with Brad.  Another option is to utilize her love for black by requesting black callas that are also durable and impress a larger than life impact.


Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon has always been one of my favorites because of her down to earth appeal yet clever theatrical skills.  While I think her husband, Jim Toth, could almost do no wrong in the flower department since she’s bound to love anything he gives her, I would recommend using some of her huge accomplishments this year to guide his floral picks.  Since Reese’s new movie, “Wild” has done so well, playing this theme by choosing “wild flowers” would show how proud he is of her and convey a loving supportive gesture to hi wife.  The southern belle is bound to love the thought and appreciate the beauty in whimsical creative design. 

 suzie__ricky_canale Suzie and Rick Canale, Chestnut Hill, MA January 2015

Suzie will have a front row seat on Oscar night from her home in Westwood, MA.


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The Flowers at the 2015 Golden Globe Awards

Posted by Suzie Canale on Tue, Jan 13, 2015


On January 10th, movie and TV lovers crowded around their television sets with anticipation to see which of their favorite on screen stars would walk away with a golden globe.   The excitement of the speeches, the glamour of the gowns and the glitter of the sets make this event one of Hollywood’s most grandeur evenings.   Little do we know that in order to orchestrate such a massive undergoing, specialists from around the country must be recruited for their special expertise in lighting, staging, catering and of course, floral design!  But who is chosen and how are the styles and designs selected?  The stakes are high in the competition to snag this gig but this year’s winner went to Mark’s Garden Floral Design of Sherman Oaks, California.  This company has a long, standing history of appeasing the floral tastes of the rich and famous of Hollywood Hills including Charlize Theron, Michael Douglas and Kate Hudson so he was more than ready to tackle the enormity of designing the Golden Globe centerpieces.


                               photo credit: Mark's Garden, Los Angeles CA

Every year is different and every ceremony has its own specific theme where vendors are asked to reflect within their work.  This time, there was a bright and colorful feel, focusing on the beginning shades of the spectrum of yellows and pinks. 



                                   photo credit: Mark's Garden, LA, CA

Blooms consisted mainly of roses whose varieties all contained curled petals that gave off a wonderful, accentuated presentation.  Red, yellow, orange and green roses were placed in a ring - like formation forming a rounded mound of beauty.

I love this look but because the pieces are relatively low so that guests can still hobnob with one another without having to stretch their necks around designs that are too bulky and tall. 



                            photo credit: Mark's Garden, Los Angeles, CA

Another lovely touch were a few delicate pink orchids protruding from the tight European design.  These flowers were a great choice because not only did they allow for an fuss- free presentation, they are also long lasting and tolerable for warm temperatures.  The Golden Globe function hall keeps the climate pretty steamy for the actresses who don less fabricated clothing designs so the flowers have to hold their resistance.

 Mark’s Garden and Floral Designs did a fantastic job, which was truly worthy of the glitz and glamour this event is built upon.  I can’t wait to see what next years presentation will be!

 selfieLance,Rick, Suzie and Ryan Canale Selfie, 2014

Suzie is a movie buff and celebrates Oscar night every year.


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Jennifer Aniston versus Angelina Jolie - Thanksgiving Dinner

Posted by Suzie Canale on Fri, Nov 21, 2014

Hollywood starlets are already planning their Thanksgiving meals, some with the help of California’s top chefs who have found delicious new ways to make their mouths water.  You won’t see the typical mashed potatoes, yellow squash and gravy on these tables, no way!  Instead of traditional dishes, recipes are being concocted to alter basic holiday fare into wild and fresh foods fit for the icons of the silver screen.  While some celebrate this family holiday dining out in Hollywood’s hottest restaurants, others choose to stay home with their loved ones.   Either way, these stars no exactly how to celebrate this years special day in style. 


Aniston played a florist in the movie Love Happens.

Jennifer Aniston has long been a lover of the sun and has resided in the area of Malibu, California for decades.  While the beauty loves to celebrate the holiday festivities with zest, rumor has it that Ms. Aniston is a local patron to many of the local restaurants located within the posh, beach friendly area.  Hot spots such as Seasons 52 (which also has a location on route 9 in Chestnut Hill) feature a lovely menu created by Chef Timothy Kast, which advertises sensational meals all under 475 calories, something that definitely attracts the forty something yoga loving actress.  Another possibility as to where you might find her dining might be at Tres by Jose Andres, set in downtown Hollywood.  This restaurant is known for their contemporary style and generous pour of fine wine while offering a warm décor and elite dining experience.  This may very well be Jen’s go to for Thanksgiving since one of their famous dishes is their gnocchi with lobster, a long time favorite delicacy of Aniston’s. And of course, given her experience as a florist actress, you know that flowers will be on the table. 


Jolie is apparently a flower fan as well. Here she is picking up some calla lilies and thistle from a London flower shop.


When you think about Jenn, you can’t help but think of what her famous ex, Brad Pitt, will be up to with his new wife, Angelina Jolie and brood of six children.  Well, interesting enough, the magazine cover family often chooses to stay closer to home when celebrating this November holiday.  Whether habituating inside their French estate, Chateau Miraval, in the south of France or within their mansion nestled in Los Feliz, California, the Jolie-Pitts most likely will be dining on family favorites of spaghetti and meatballs and hotdogs, while the adults finish off a homemade rosemary infused turkey cooked by, you’ll never guess…themselves!  Often this power couple opts out of hiring expensive chefs and rolls up their own sleeves when it comes to Thanksgiving Day dinner, (a refreshing change of pace from most movie headliners).  While Angelina has admitted that neither her nor Brad are always sure of how to prepare the meal, they admit that the experience is always fun as long as the family is together.  After all, that is what Thanksgiving is all about!  

Suzie Canale

Westwood, MA 

suze Suzie Canale lives in Westwood, Massachusetts with her family. She is an accomplished writer and chef. For Thanksgiving, she will be serving a traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Of course, fresh flowers will be on the table.





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Boston's Premier Florist Loves the Flowers on The Ellen Show

Posted by Rick Canale on Mon, Nov 03, 2014

Some Bostonians love the Ellen Show, others loathe the show. There can be no debate that the flowers on the show are spectacular. If you have ever watched the show, Ellen hosts guests at her coffee table. Every show features a beautful fresh flower arrangement that reflects the season. The design is lush and low, a perfect accessory for her celebrated guests. The above photo shows a scattering of gourds and pumpkins along with a an textured fall flower arrangement. These blooms evidently make Mariah Carey happy.
Ellen's back drop is filled with palm trees and often showcases white orchid plants. The orchids are a feature on her show along with one of the most awesome coffee tables you'd ever. Clearly, Julia Roberts approves.
Check out Justin Timberlake, notice how the orchids and green plants frame him on screen. This staging of florals is no accident. There is no question that each plant was put on a dry run with a stand in for Timberlake. In Hollywood, every detail matters and beautiful flowers are a huge difference maker.
My favorite time of year for the Ellen Show is Christmas. Her staged is filled with Christmas decorations and jaw dropping Christmas trees. Baseball star Andrew McCutchen even chose this setting to propose. Notice the fresh flower arrangement of Winter Rose Poinsettias and pepperberry. 

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George Clooney's Wedding Flowers

Posted by Suzie Canale on Sat, Oct 18, 2014

It’s been deemed the wedding of the decade as fans watched the 53-year-old Hollywood actor, George Clooney, marry the famous human rights lawyer, Amal Alamuddin.  Dating less than a year, the nephew of acclaimed silver screen actress, Rosemary Clooney, had finally found his ladylove after a long career of bachelorhood.  Although details of the matrimonial extravaganza, which took place in Venice, Italy, are still surfacing, the world is on the edge of their seats wondering what this star studded pair had in mind to celebrate their nuptials. 


Believed to have taken place over a three-day span, reports specify that guests were escorted to the seven-starred venue in boats driven through the romantic Grande Canal.  Once they arrived at the Aman Grande Resort, an imperial dinner was served following the couple’s exchange of loving promises atop of a lifted stage.   Official wedding photographs were taken in the middle of the hotel’s lush garden, containing blossoms rich in vibrant color.  A-lister invitees including Matt Damon, Bono and Cindy Crawford who watched as the bride (dressed in a stunning Oscar de la Renta gown tailored with cream French lace) and groom recited vows on a raised platform decorated with white pillar candles.  Red wine flowed and music played on until the early hours of the morning…

 But what about the flowers? 


Floral décor has remained a hushed topic for this event although we have been able to take a peek at a few details revealing first and foremost- that there were a lot of them!  As having been described as a wedding exhuming elegance and grandeur, the palette has been described as mainly white with accents flowing throughout the table centerpieces.  The stunning British advocate carried an all white bouquet of ranunculus and hydrangea, tied together in a traditional European style, while Clooney nixed wearing a wedding boutonnière all together.  We know that massive buckets of white hybrid delphinium were used in several main staged pieces as well Casa Blanca lilies, roses, orchids and lisianthus, again all in shades of white.  Pictures of delicate peach roses and green lady’s mantle were also seen being delivered by florists in dozens of massive buckets.  Floral arrangements included large arches, small bud vases, table rounds and personals, which were included in the estimated $13 million dollar wedding festivity.  Now that’s what you call a wedding!

 suze-1 Suzie Canale lives in Westwood, MA. She works in the Westwood public library, mother of two boys, an avid chef and gardener who finds time to serve as the Director of The Women's Lockerroom Foundation of Boston. She has published four children's books through the Beantown Tales. 

Clooney wedding photos for this blog from People Magazine and CNN

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Did You Know That Judy Garland Was a Florist ?

Posted by Rick Canale on Tue, Oct 07, 2014

I often write about pop culture. The subject fasciantes me and you can uncover some cool flower facts along the way. While I was researching my recent Starlets & Stargazers blog post, I came across an amazing fact, Actress Judy Garland was not only a florist but owned her own flower shop on Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles. The actress started this venture at fifteen years old. Her mother thought wanted to make sure that Judy had a trade to fall back on if acting did not work out. The profits from the flower shop[ were meant to put into a trust fund for Judy.
judy_garland_florist The venture was strictly business. After a day of filming the Wizard of Oz, Garland would come to the flower shop and put in one to two days work. 
A true art form of the era was to put out a huge dispaly of cut flowers outside. Some Boston florists still practice this floral merchandising today. shop_judy
bouts_garlands At the time, owners of flower shops would pin boutonieres on the gentlemen who wore them. Unfortunately, gentlemen no longer wear flowers during the day.
judy_florist Garland was clearly no slouch when it came to being a florist. Fortunately for Garland, her star shined and she became more successful as an actress than a florist.

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Hollywood Legends and Flowers - Starlets with Stargazers

Posted by Rick Canale on Thu, Sep 25, 2014

Jean Harlow Flowers Actress Jean Harlow shows that flowers in your dressing room are not only welcome but appreciated.

Recently screen legend, Sophia Loren turned eighty. With the social media blitz surrounding her birthday, I came across a number of photos of her with fresh flowers. I have always been a big fan of the actress and knew from her cook books that she loved flowers. For example, every Christmas, she looks forward to receving a white azalea topiary from her close friend. 

Sophia Loren with Flowers (This photo was taken at the Cannes Film Festival.)

In the midst of Loren's social media celebration, I stumbled across many screen legends surrounded by flowers. Hollywood knew then that flowers create a stunning photo opportunity. In the age of Instagram, we see stars like Holly Robinson Peete and Britney Spears  share striking photos of flowers they receive. Publicity and flowers go hand in hand.

Below are some of my favorite photos of screen legends that I discovered.

carole lombard flowers Carole Lombard in her dressing room is flanked by two vases of gladioli.

Audrey Hepburn Flower Design Audrey Hepburn showing off her skills at the flower design bench.

Vivien Leigh FLowers Vivien Leigh poses with her Oscar alongside a floral arrangement featuring birds of paradise and gerbera daisies. Editorial note, this floral arrangement was way ahead of its time.

Bogie and Bacall picking flowers Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall picking flowers.

Mae West FlowersMae West and roses. Ed. note, roses have come a long way in size and petal count.

Ginger Rogers flowers I can't help but wonder if Ginger Rogers is reading a card from dance partner Fred Astaire.

Marlene Dietrich flowers Marlene Dietrich caught strolling in Warsaw with a bundle of lilacs.

Elizabeth Taylor Flowers Elizabeth Taylor's love for flowers is well known. This earlier photo of her shows her knack for floral design.

stiller garbo travel resized 600 Greta Garbor is engulfed in flowers.

ingrid bergman flower casablanca resized 600 Ingrid Bergman looking like she has Rick Blaine on her mind.

bette davis arranging flowers resized 600 Bette Davis definitely has an idea of spacial organization.

Bardot flowers A rare photo of Brigitte Bardot with a typical floral design of the era.

Jayne Mansfield Flowers Jayne Mansfield picking flowers. Florists often grew their own flowers at that time. Note the greenhouse in the back. Most flower shops in the mid 20th century had their own greenhouses to grow flowers.

 Marilyn Monrose No collection of screen legends would be complete without Marilyn. She even adds grace to a simple carnation.


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" This Is Not Your Grandmother's Valentine's Day " - @DitaVonTeese

Posted by Rick Canale on Tue, Feb 04, 2014

Black Magic roses in Boston

February is the most romantic month of the year. Thanks to Valentine's Day: TV, Social Media and the press is all buzzing about the most romantic gifts for 2014. As florists in Boston, we go head first into the Super Bowl Sunday of the floral industry. In the next few days, you will be bombarded with ads for jewelry, perfume, teddy bears, lingerie and flowers. Wouldn't it be great if you could surprise your lover with all those things ?

But in 2014, some gifts have more star power than others. You want to send to a gift that ignites your lover's senses. This year take some tips from Femme Fatale / Glamor Girl Dita Von Teeseshowbiz dita von teese liberty 2 resized 600 photo credit: DigitalSpy/ © PA Images / Matt Crossick/EMPICS Entertainment

The self styled fashion icon and living legend offers some great tips for Valentine's Day in 2014. " ROSES: EXPECTED, PERHAPS, BUT NEVER A BAD PLACE TO START," states the burlesque star.

When asked what the best gift she has received ? Von Teese's reply: " The best gifts I’ve ever received are things like love letters, art or any gift that took a little effort. The worst is getting a gift from someone you don’t feel romantic about, or getting flowers that were bought last minute at a grocery store. Order flowers in advance from a creative florist."

We all know that flowers and celebrity go hand in hand. Why not show your partner how much you care with amazing flowers that reflect their star power ? Roses and Orchids are always the best flowers to send for Valentine's Day. If you're in Boston, come and visit the show we put on for Valentine's Day.


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Queen Latifah Hosts Master Floral Designer

Posted by Rick Canale on Thu, Jan 23, 2014

Queen Latifah florist 

all photo credits: The Queen Latifah Show

You do not have to enjoy day time television to be captivated by the amazing floral display on The Queen Latifah Show today. Floral design legend Jeff Leatham appeared on her show to showcase some amazing designs. Please see the photos believe to see some awesome flowers.

callal lilies and roses

Mini calla lillies and roses just exude romance.

mini calla lilies

just a spectacular array of calla lilies.

vanda orchids

a lush bouquet of exotic Vanda orchids is an amazing conversation piece.

orchids and roses

This display is just awe inspiring. Roses, orchids, hydrangeas and gerbera daisies.

calla lilies

Callas lilies and roses. Awesome.

amazing flowers


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